Анна Нетребко пострадала от мошенников
The attackers wanted to make an Opera singer.

Photo: Instagram

The scammers used the good name of Opera diva Anna Netrebko. They put on large special website announcement of the recruitment of actors for the filming of the clip of the singer. They were looking for people for the following roles: waiter, cafe visitors, young, model, hairdresser and four ladies. The actors promised payment from 6 to 9 thousand rubles per crew shift. They were asked to send their photos and profiles to the specified address, and then come to the casting.

Team members Anna Netrebko saw this ad and came in bewilderment, because there is no clip in the near or even distant future, the singer has no plans to remove! With the scammers contacted people and tried to figure out what is the essence of the Scam.

“They took the money for the questionnaire!” — told the star.

Netrebko immediately placed this ad in his own Instagram to her fans did not fall for the bait scams. And also said that “not going to remove the clips in my old age”!