Uma Thurman confirmed that Weinstein harassed her

Ума Турман подтвердила, что Вайнштейн ее домогался
The actress told how much she hates Harvey.

Ума Турман подтвердила, что Вайнштейн ее домогался

Uma Thurman


Harvey Weinstein


Uma Thurman,
which until recently was believed a convinced pacifist, I was surprised by their
the bellicose statement. 47-year-old actress said that she hates Harvey Weinstein so
much that he did not wish him an easy death. “I congratulate happy Thanksgiving everyone
like all who have courage to stand not only for themselves but also for
others who are in need. I send my best wishes to all, except for Harvey Weinstein and his ilk. It even bullet sorry!!!” – wrote Mind.

Harvey angered the actress, it is not yet clarified. When the scandal around
Weinstein started to flare up, Thurman also spoke on this topic. Hot
endorsing those women who are not afraid to make accusations against
powerful producer, Uma said: “I am no longer a child and had a
life to learn — when I say anger, I then regret what I said.
So I wanted to wait until I will calm down a little before
share your personal experiences. I’ll tell you when I’m ready…”

By the way, Quentin Tarantino, announced Uma Thurman his Muse and former
long one of the closest associates of Weinstein, also made
recently, many puzzled by the statement. For starters, he said that he was aware of the reprehensible
action Harvey. “I knew enough about it. But if I then took
responsibility to do what had to be done, I would have lost the opportunity
him to work…” — confessed celebrity. That is, beyond that he was silent out of fear of losing their jobs and patronage
“The All-Powerful Harvey”…