Aspens on fit, Kelme: “He himself brought”

Осин о припадке Кельми: «Он сам себя довел» Star patients, one of the rehabilitation centers of Thailand have become heroes “program Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Dana Borisova told about that the other day Chris kelmi was feeling unwell. As a result, the contractor was urgently hospitalized.
Осин о припадке Кельми: «Он сам себя довел»

TV presenter Dana Borisova returned to Moscow from Thailand, where she was undergoing treatment for drug addiction. The star told about the beginning of a new phase in the program of the channel “Russia 1” “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Now Dana lives in the residential complex near the metro station “Begovaya”. Singer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” Evgeniy Osin also resides in the capital, and the author of the smash hit “Closing the circle” Chris kelmi remained abroad. As it turned out, he wasn’t feeling well.

Dana Borisova has moved into a new apartment

“We flew together. Before planting, Chris became ill. This is the second attack this week. He started having seizures just three or four days ago. He lost consciousness, opened his eyes, he was shaking. It lasted about 40 minutes, until the ambulance arrived and took him. We wanted to bring it to Moscow – he believed that rehabilitation was over for him. But unfortunately, the plane he fell short, and fell on our eyes. The flight attendant said that it can not be put in this condition in the aircraft,” – said Borisov.
Осин о припадке Кельми: «Он сам себя довел»

After a course of treatment from alcoholism Chris kelmi was in one of the medical institutions of Thailand. The newscast showed footage of the performer, lying in a hospital bed. “Great,” briefly replied the actor in question about how he feels. Viewers of the transmission found that Chris looks great – he’s younger and got a haircut.

Employee of a foreign rehabilitation center Love Miller said that now everyone is waiting for the conclusion of doctors about the state of kelmi. “According to the representative, as Chris has stabilized. He says he feels better today than yesterday, and hopes for a speedy recovery and return to Moscow”, – said the expert.

Осин о припадке Кельми: «Он сам себя довел»

Evgeny Osin, who also appeared in the Studio, said that saddened by the deterioration of kelmi. According to the singer, his colleague himself brought to the health problems.

“I think he’s a doomed man. It’s sad to admit. The man who once had a stroke, will definitely be a second attack. And he had 15 seizures. As far as I know, in Thailand, happened the 16th. Moreover, he sunbathed in the Nude under the scorching sun, they told me about Dana. I think he has brought himself to such a state…” said Osin.
Осин о припадке Кельми: «Он сам себя довел»

Osin also accused the singer Natalia Shturm in the setup. According to him, that once fed him, and then allowed into the apartment journalists filmed a performer in an indecent way. “When I watched the story I was surprised. I have an apartment of 140 meters, a pool table, exercise equipment, three motorcycles, a jeep. If I was a washed-up drunk is probably my all this would not be”, – said Eugene.

Actor Sergey Pisarenko noted that he is working in the event business for over 20 years. According to star KVN, he repeatedly received offers to contact a Wasp. “You know how many times I tried to find you? And each time I was told that you probably will not come, because of the drinking,” – said the showman.

In the final programme in the Studio appeared Natalia Shturm. She had an altercation with a Eugene Life. Colleagues in show business have denounced each other, not hesitating in expressions. Saw the singer, he hastened to leave the Studio. “You’re not a man. You’re lying, just insolently lie. You cowardly skunk, once you run. Take me to court, if you say that I poisoned you. Sick… He’s afraid of me,” shared Natalya.

Осин о припадке Кельми: «Он сам себя довел»