Украинская модель чуть не погибла от рук мужа-миллионера “Miss Ukraine-2013” spoke about the hardships of life with the Italian businessman. Anna Zajaczkowski ran away from a spouse because they were afraid to die. According to the model, he was severely beaten and accused of stealing large sums of money and expensive smartphone.

      Украинская модель чуть не погибла от рук мужа-миллионера

      “Miss Ukraine-2013 Anna Zajaczkowski know all the pros and cons of life with a millionaire. The girl married a 45-year-old Italian Gianluca Cervara. It would seem to be the wife of the owner of a vast fortune every woman dreams. However, as acknowledged by Anna foreign publications, she ran away from chosen new York, because he cruelly beat her.

      When the model showed up in the US, the Italian husband accused her of violation of the marriage contract, as well as stealing several thousand euros and exclusive smartphone. She decided to dispel all the speculation and gave a candid interview to a foreign newspaper in which he described how he developed their relationship in the family.

      “If I’d stayed, my husband would have killed me. And if not physically, then mentally. He knew that I went to new York, just wanted to blacken my name,” said Zajaczkowski.

      The girl had married an Italian in December 2015, and a month later, Gianluca has already started to raise her hand. “It was awful. I married a man who really didn’t know,” said the model. After the first case when the husband beat Anna, she left Milan and went to relatives to Ukraine. The guilty husband begged her to come back, and she succumbed to his entreaties.

      “I thought the whole thing work. Abandoned all contracts. Although no cause to envy never gave. He was my only man. Before him, I haven’t been in a serious relationship,” explained Anna.

      Despite the fact that Zajaczkowski almost sacrificed her career for family relations, my husband’s behavior has not changed. Gusts of fury, he continued to beat her. The model decided to escape from it. At first she moved to Rome, and from there moved to new York. Never Anna did not regret his decision. At the moment she lives with a friend and wants a divorce.

      “Freedom is the most important thing can be a person. And I want every woman to know that she has the right to leave her husband, which causes her pain and be happy again,” he wished the American readers of the tabloid Anna.