Наследница Бориса Немцова готовит себя к роли светской львицы 14-year-old Dean becomes the youngest debutante ball Tatler. Daughter of Catherine Odintsovo and Boris Nemtsov goes to rehearsal at the Bolshoi theatre, and also does hair, makeup and evening gown.

      The successor of Boris Nemtsov and Dina is preparing to integrate into secular society. 14-year-old girl plans to appear before the cameras in a delightful evening dress at the ball debutantes magazine Tatler. The publication annually conducts this prestigious event to introduce the elite with the younger generation of the rich and famous family.

      At the ball, the Tatler had been the daughter of Dmitry Peskov, Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Tina Kandelaki, Vera Brezhneva, Dmitry Malikov, Catherine Strizhenovoj and other public figures. Now it is the turn of Dina Nemcova to Shine in the rays of spotlights. Who else is going to be a nice girl this year, will be announced in the near future. And while mom Dina Ekaterina Odintsova said preparations for such an important event.

      “My daughter Dina this year became the Tatler debutante ball. Rehearsal at the Bolshoi, trip to try on dresses, makeup tests and hair is a dream for girls. Dina 14 years, she this year is the young debutante, and the decision was seriously considered. We reasoned that next year will start the exams now I would like to waltz. Let this miracle happen today,” Odintsov wrote in his Instagram.

      “You have a very beautiful daughter! Good luck and success in everything! Also dream of the daughter”, “Congratulations! Have a wonderful mother a wonderful daughter”, “Beautiful! Here they are – genes, a combination of beauty and intelligent eyes. Lord, bless her”, – commented on the news of friends and subscribers will Catherine.

      We will remind, in February 2015, the family experienced a terrible tragedy. Dina’s father Boris Nemtsov was shot dead in Central Moscow. A few months after the death of the policy his ex-wife found the strength to admit to the kids that nothing will be as before, the pain will pass, and they must learn to live with it.

      Children of Boris Nemtsov learn to live without a father

      “There is a Japanese proverb — “the Mountain as ragged dress, it does not show to outsiders,” said Catherine in an interview. — I often remind my kids that their father was a cheerful, positive person, he did not approve of sadness. And definitely would not want to see their loved ones unhappy. That is why I tell my children: do not cry that it is not — I am glad that he was.”