Анастасия Меськова родила второго ребенка The actress became mother of another son. Anastasia Meskova this morning gave birth to a boy in one of the capital’s hospitals. Spouse and eldest child of a celebrity welcome a new family member and preparing to meet a young mother after discharge.

      About pregnancy stars of the Bolshoi theatre and Actresses “Sweet life” Anastasia Melikovoy fans learned after a young mother appeared at the end of may on one of the social events in a free shirt. Despite the fact that the artist tried to hide the imminent addition to the family, attentive fans still considered the rounded tummy of a young woman.

      Today, the 31-year-old Anastasia became a mother for the second time. My wife of Alexander she gave a son. The boy was born in the maternity hospital of the Central clinical hospital. The mother and the newborn feel fine. Just a few hours after the appearance of the son born she posted a photo with the child in his microblog, where he shared his joy with all his fans.

      “Early this morning, at 5:57, was born our son,” wrote Anastasia in the social network.

      Fans were happy that the star of “the Sweet life” told about the new addition to the family. “I’m very happy for you. Let your only son pleases you. Health to you and your children”, “God bless you and your family, with replenishment”, “Congratulations! The health of the baby and mom, parents the patience and wisdom in parenting!” – in eager rivalry began to congratulate him numerous fans. During pregnancy, Anastasia tried to do everything, the baby grew healthy. Special attention was paid to the actress nutrition.

      “When her husband, Alexander found out that I was pregnant, he immediately put a condition – sure to be present at the birth, said “StarHit” Meskova. – We have already ordered the stroller in the Bugaboo, was chosen based on its lightness and maneuverability. Also purchased the crib in EllipseBed. At the end of August are planning a “mother-party”. And the husband is actively monitoring my diet. Eat lots of fruits and berries, especially cherries – in nemerenoe number. I can’t wait Arbuzov”.

      The actress and her partner will also educate 10-year-old son Bob. The news that in their family there was one child, was a real gift to all.

      “Now the eldest went to choose things for school, he suddenly asked: “Mom, for the little remember?” My husband also wants to quickly meet the child, worried. By the way, in my belly there is someone sitting restless. Vaska was calmer. And there is constant action,” said Anastasia.