Герой «Битвы экстрасенсов» попал за решетку Yuri Venison will spend three years in prison. The party the ninth season of “Battle of psychics”, together with accomplices extorted money for rendering services. Despite the fact that the man denied his guilt, and for two years tried to make excuses, the Moscow city court has pronounced a sentence.

      Герой «Битвы экстрасенсов» попал за решетку

      Yuri Olenin took part in the ninth season of the popular TV show “Battle of psychics.” On the program he announced himself as a clairvoyant and healer. However, supernatural powers has not helped the seer to stay permanently on the show. In the sixth episode Yuri left the project.

      Then the name of the Reindeer was flickering in the criminal chronicle. He was charged with fraud. The Tver court two years ago ruled on the recognition of the magician and some of his accomplices guilty of extorting money for the provision of psychic services. He faces up to five years of imprisonment.

      However, the healer did not agree with justice decided to appeal the decision. He tried to justify himself, but now the Moscow city court found that the first instance verdict will come into force in full. Yuri Olenin acts as the main defendant in the case. All were detained 12 people. According to media reports, the hero of “the battle of psychics” led to the transfer of one of the radio stations. People suffering from health problems or in the family wanted to find a way out of difficult situations thanks to the supernatural abilities of the psychic. Once clairvoyant has learned some details about the well-being of the caller talked about that for one session to cope with the difficulties difficult. So law enforcement and was caught red-handed healer.

      Many psychics after participating in the popular project begins active operation, using their abilities to help people. Due to the fact that their name is on the hearing, mediums organize meetings with people who want to help.

      According to the publication Life.ru now Yuri Olenin will spend behind bars for three years. His accomplices were awarded two-and-a-half years to three and a half.