Ukraine has faced problems of financing the “Eurovision”

Украина столкнулась с проблемами финансирования «Евровидения»

A penny – get into the basket. That Ukraine is experiencing difficulties with the financing of the international music contest “Eurovision 2017” it was possible to guess long – organizers repeatedly postponed the conference that was to announce the city, which next spring will take a huge number of guests and musicians.

Now these insights are confirmed by the former head of Nettlecombe of the country and of the organising Committee Zurab Alasania, who resigned on 1 November.
“To overcome the resistance of the bureaucracy is extremely difficult, we did not complain, but now we just lost. First, you will not be able to hold “Eurovision” in 2017, and secondly, we put its future at risk. Therefore, such a problem, that’s why we do publicity and attract attention. This is not blackmail or trade. I’m not going to haggle, I’m just leaving” — said Zurab.
The Western media is also aware of the financial problems of the host country of the Eurovision song contest. So, the Telegraph reports that the countries are going to financially help Ukraine to adequately conduct the contest. In the budget for the festival laid a total of 15 million euros, whereas it is necessary three times more.
Recall that last year, the winner of the competition became a Crimean Tatar Jamala.