Mel Gibson thinks that the Marvel movies are rife with unnecessary cruelty

Мэл Гибсон считает, что фильмы Marvel изобилуют излишней жестокостью

In the last few years gained much popularity of comic book movies. Large-scale blockbusters are very popular with the audience, so that worldwide they are going to not millions, but billions of dollars in cash.

Despite the universal popularity of chinoiserie like “X-Men” or “Deadpool”, there are those who this trend is extremely pleasant.
One of the opponents of the projects in the style of a superhero movie was the actor and Director Mel Gibson.

According to the author of the passion of the Christ, such films are rife with cruelty, which is extremely unacceptable: “Speaking about violence, take any Marvel movie.There is so much cruelty that they can’t compare one film with my participation. In my films a lot more sense because they have characters that could be interested in”.

From a comment Mal makes it clear that its a hand in creating such cinema, he can not imagine. Instead, Gibson makes films for people, such as “For reasons of conscience.”

The story of this drama based on real life events during the Second world war.

The main role is played by Andrew Garfield. Note that this painting played a role in the decision of the bosses of the biggest film studios to allow Gibson to return to Hollywood after the scandal of 2006.