Tyra banks has declared war on the paparazzi

Тайра Бэнкс объявила войну папарацци
The model believes that her son is waiting for a brilliant career.

Tyra Banks


Recently, on the TV show Late Night,
Tyra banks told a curious story. It all started with the fact that leading
transfer Seth Mears rebuked Tyra that she broke one of my own
promise. After all, shortly after the birth of a son, banks York, which
endured for her surrogate mother, tyra said that although she shared with
fans of the first photo of new baby boy, photo
son longer publish will not. But at the end of last month, in her microblog
still appeared new the York.

As told 43-year-old banks, she changed her mind
no accident. She had to show pictures of his son, to thwart the paparazzi to cash in
on her child. “One of these weekends, I
my family decided to eat in the
the restaurant on the coast. We went there three: York, my dad and me. And when
we had dinner at the terrace restaurant, located next to the beach son for the first time
saw the sea. He cried: “Odya, Odya!” Which meant “water, Water!” And
I had to go with him closer so he could splash in the surf. I
managed to make a few photos for yourself
memory. And suddenly there was paparazzi and started taking pictures of my baby!
I grabbed York, ran back to the restaurant and immediately called my Eric
the father of my son, and asked him: “Send you a photo, which I did. Publish
it as soon as possible, we need to get ahead of the paparazzi that are unable to sell
your images as exclusive. I don’t want these people profited from my
son!” — said tyra. As stated by the model, her plan worked and she
was very pleased with how she managed to hold the paparazzi.

As for the photo posted by Eric
Aisle with which banks already found 4 years, they tayra was very
happy. She believes that this picture shows that the boy has learned to “smile
eyes,” that quality which in the opinion of the banks may provide the York
a bright future in the modeling industry.