Красавица-блондинка Кейт Хадсон «облысела»
The actress has lost their hair.

Красавица-блондинка Кейт Хадсон «облысела»

Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson

Photo: @katehudson Instagram Kate Hudson

Recently actress Kate Hudson, daughter of Goldie hawn, has shocked their fans,
sharing a new photo. It turned out that Kate had Obreras almost bald! Reaction
her fans were mixed. Some admired her courage. The other came
in horror, believing that such a “hairstyle” she was just a DoppelgangeR of rapper
Eminem. There were those who decided that anyone suspected that she had committed
act in the style of Britney Spears bald populace in 2007 year, under the influence
a nervous breakdown…

However, as it turned out, Kate got rid of his luxurious Golden hair is
not because of a momentary Caprice. She did
it’s for a role in the drama “Sister”, the Director
is the singer Sia. Paparazzi
managed to shoot two women together in a cafe for lunch in Los Angeles a few
weeks ago. However, while Kate was still gorgeous blond…

Shortly before that raised Kate’s stepdad Kurt Russell confirmed that Hudson runs
together with Sia on it
project. Kurt hoped that his stepdaughter and singer will be together
to create something very interesting. Sia
which rarely appears in public without his signature wig
bangs which usually completely covers her face, first announced its intention to remove the “Sister” two years ago —
at the film festival in Venice. But she could not pluck up the courage to
to implement his plan. “I was afraid that my desire to become a filmmaker take over
a manifestation of vanity, I’m only a singer. But after I in
the past managed to remove the musical short film, “Hummingbird”, I decided that
I get to be a Director not bad at all!” As it became known, the audience
will be able to see the movie for which Hudson has gone on such a victim, next