Два способа чистить зубы еще эффективнее

Collection of Blend-a-med PRO-EXPERT has been enriched with new toothpastes, directionally wrestling with the problems of enamel and hypersensitivity of teeth.

The flagship line of toothpaste Blend-a-med PRO-EXPERT has long established itself as a collection of versatile tools designed for daily care of the oral cavity. However, there is no limit to perfection – decided by P&G and has released two new pasta with special properties. Like other products, they are formulated with a patented formula of stabilized tin fluoride and soluble micro-granules of polyphosphates. Pellets can easily penetrate into the most inaccessible areas of the oral cavity and to care for your teeth without damaging the enamel.

Delicate in its impact on the teeth Blend-a-med PRO-EXPERT Deep gentle cleaning has a high content of active micro granules of polyphosphates and cleans the teeth especially efficiently. Light taste of sweet mint with bright notes of lime will invigorate the mornings and give the extra breath freshness.

Toothpaste Blend-a-med PRO-EXPERT Protection against erosion of enamel, in turn, was created by the experts of the brand specifically to strengthen enamel and protect against the harmful effects of sugar and secreted by the bacteria acids. Regular use of this toothpaste prevents caries. The mild anise taste of mint make for a pleasant impression of the new items.

Laboratory tests and numerous clinical research has shown that even 12 hours after brushing the paste Blend-a-med PRO-EXPERT is the number of bacteria in the oral cavity remains below 33%. In addition, modern toothpaste significantly reduces the risk of gum problems and hypersensitivity. The collection of the brand you can always find suitable options of pasta to solve individual problems. For example, Blend-a-med PRO-EXPERT whitening Healthy will provide a significant lightening of the teeth without harming the enamel.

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