High technology in teeth cleaning

Высокие технологии в чистке зубов

All that until recently seemed science fiction is now becoming a reality. Electric toothbrush now able not only to clean the teeth two times more efficiently, but also to communicate with your smartphone.

A healthy lifestyle remains one of the hottest trends in big cities around the world. Jogging and Amateur marathons, outfit and yoga on rooftops, smoothie instead of a morning coffee and a lettuce replacement in sandwiches, fortunately, have become a daily norm. To control heart rate, to eat right and maintain a record of sports achievements of special application in mobile devices. There is for every taste: pedometers, calorie counters, trackers. Recently even action such as brushing teeth became high-tech.

Modern electric brush Oral-B PRO 6000 SmartSeries with CrossAction unique nozzle now allows not only twice as effective to brush your teeth at the usual time, but also gives the opportunity to control the process. It is the first in the world equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 interface for interactive work with the free app Oral-B App (for iOS and Android). What opportunities do you user?

First of all, you can create your own profile and to set the cleaning mode to each section of the oral cavity, and also customize the widgets and audio signals. The function of controlling the operation of the brush includes a timer, pressure sensor (the device will warn of excessive pressure and will shut off the pulse to avoid damage to the enamel and gums). Moreover, the app will remind about the change of the nozzles about once every three months. Convenient? Not the word! In addition, you will get some useful tips on dental care from professionals. Statistics of your progress can be sent in one click to your dentist for better observation.

In the innovative brush Oral-B SmartSeries PRO 6000 embodied the advanced technology of the brand Braun. The model operates in five modes of cleaning, has a triple pressure control system and includes a water SmartGuide display for displaying the duration of the cleaning mode is selected, time and other information. The included nozzle CrossAction allows you to care for the oral cavity with the greatest care: bristles of different lengths set at an angle of 16 degrees and can adapt to the shape of each tooth. It is not surprising that plaque is removed without a trace! Convenient travel cases for toothbrush and charging base will allow you to bring the gadget wherever you go, which is especially important in anticipation of the holiday season.

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