Две невесты Ильи Глинникова столкнулись на вечеринке The actor got into a sticky situation at the wedding of friends. Eligible bachelor appeared at the ceremony in the company of Ekaterina Nikulina, not knowing that there is another contestant on “the Bachelor,” Les riabtseva. However, the conflict between the rivals did not happen.

Relationship Glinnikov Ilya and Ekaterina Nikulina fans seem to be cloudless, because the lovers look happy, and they recently went on a joint journey. The actor and his fiancee were vacationing in a posh five star hotel in Mauritius, where they shared romantic photos.

Glinnikov and Nikulin are looking for privacy on a remote island

Now it’s time for the debut of a pair light. Elijah and Catherine appeared together at the wedding of hockey player Andrei Markov, which took place in Moscow. The athlete married his longtime sweetheart Sophia, who is a close friend Glinnikov.


However, the entire incident was that the event was attended by another girl who claimed to be the heart of Elijah. Lesya Ryabtseva reached almost to the end of the show “the Bachelor” and has been repeatedly recognized Glinnikov in love. The meeting of two potential brides of the actor is not turned in the expected scandal. Instead, the former project participants warmly greeted each other.

By the way, Sofya Markova also appeared in one of the episodes of “the Bachelor”: it helped to define who should leave the show.

On elegant wedding Andrei Markov and his darling Lesya Ryabtseva appeared with a mysterious young man. The girl clearly had a lot of fun by posting in Instagram a selfie. Fans immediately assumed that contestant on “the Bachelor” has found her happiness.

Also at the ceremony was seen Irina Dubtsova and soloists of group “Ivanushki International”. Popular artists not only had a rest at the wedding, but the newlyweds gave musical numbers.

The bride chose a bouffant dress with a deep plunging neckline and long train. The gown was embellished with lace and perfect fit for a young woman. At the wedding has appeared numerous fellow players, which befriends Andrei Markov.

The main theme of the event was red. The hall was decorated with roses of the colour, and almost all the guests bet on a bright palette. However, Ekaterina Nikulina preferred the strict black outfit: the girl chose a floor-length dress, adding a leather jacket.

Ilya made a bid for a classic, relaxed look: he appeared at the wedding in a black suit, ignoring the tie. The actor and his fiancee seemed to be incredibly happy all evening they spent together, touching and holding hands.

Fans Glinnikov are very pleased that the movie star finally found love. Ilya has repeatedly said that he is really happy with Catherine and wants to marry her.