Андрей Черкасов принимает поздравления с женитьбой Leading “House-2” was intrigued by the chosen one in the white dress. Andrei Cherkasov reported that July 7 in the Seychelles have fulfilled the dreams of his girlfriend Christina Donkey. Fans asking a few to create a real family.
Андрей Черкасов принимает поздравления с женитьбой

Former member and now one of the leading popular reality show “Dom-2” Andrei Cherkasov hinted at the change in their status. Young man published in Instagram a picture of him, wearing the white dress of the bride.

“07.07.2017”, signed Andrei Cherkasov photos accompanied by the hashtag “everything you wanted”.

Pair captured in the Seychelles in a very romantic atmosphere. Lovers are holding hands by the lake, surrounded by picturesque mountains. Everything happens either at sunset, or at dawn. Subscribers TV presenter were quick to recognize the mysterious beauty, who turned her back to the camera, the former participant “Houses-2” Christina Oslin.

In fact, the girl published a picture with Andrey Cherkasov. It touching the lovers look at each other, Andrew holds the hands of Christine in her arms. “You embody dreams into reality,” she wrote under the photo.

Fans of the couples decide that the way they reported on the Seychelles wedding ceremony, and began to congratulate the young with a wonderful event.

“If you really are married, congratulations”, “Beautiful. Congratulations to you! Happiness and love, Congrats, good girl!”, “You look good together”, “Married? I congratulate you with all my heart!” “Andrew, you married? Congratulations to you! Understanding, patience and love to you!” – write followers Andrei Cherkasov.

However, fans ‘ questions about the wedding, the man chose to ignore. From the most attentive followers did not escape the fact that Andrei Cherkasov staged a ceremony on 7 July. On this day, wanted to marry an old flame Cherkasova Victoria romanet. On that date, was appointed to her wedding with Anton Gusev, however, shortly before the wedding the lovers are parted, disclosing the most intimate moments of his life. Vic Romanets: “I can think Anton Alfonso, bought him underwear”

So, Anton Gusev said that the feelings of his lady were insincere, and ex-fiance were only interested in PR. Victoria romanet was not able to remain silent and decided to reply to these accusations, publicly calling a gigolo man, who recently confessed his love.