Анастасия Волочкова объяснила, почему не дала ребенку фамилию отца The ballerina admitted in their superstitions. Anastasia was afraid to record the successor of Ariadne her dad Igor Vdovin, believing that thus will program the unfortunate fate for the girl. The man with the arguments of the stars agreed.
Анастасия Волочкова объяснила, почему не дала ребенку фамилию отца

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova is raising eleven-year-old daughter Ariadne, whom she bore in a civil marriage with businessman Igor Vdovin. Heir to the stars, as you know, is the name of a famous mom. This happened not because the girl’s father did not want to give her.

As it turned out, the decision that her daughter would Volochkova, the ballerina was made long before the baby born. Moreover, she was able to talk to it and his common-law spouse.

“With Igor, we all agreed, he didn’t mind. Knowing that I have a daughter is born, I immediately told him that girl’s surname Vdovina is not. Moreover, Igor’s mother became a widow. This is not only a superstition… After all, Ariadne Volochkova still sound beautiful,” – said the ballerina in the “million dollar Secret”.
Анастасия Волочкова объяснила, почему не дала ребенку фамилию отца

Anastasia admitted that Igor Vdovin, after their separation rarely communicate with her daughter.

“Arish is not enough now his father’s attention and warmth. And I urged him to give it more time,” said Anastasia.

Despite the fact that in his interview with the dancer often says that Igor Vdovin owe her a large sum of money, during a live “Secret” one million, she said that the businessman helps her to support her daughter. Anastasia can’t get money from ex-husband

He pays the driver’s salary Ariadne, who carries a girl to school in Odintsovo, paid work of Housewives. But the outfits the girl, according to Anastasia Volochkova, buys a friend of the family, Nikolai Baskov. The singer loves Ariadne and loves to pamper her with expensive gifts. But in the meantime, the first diamonds Ariadne Volochkova gave her dad Igor Vdovin. The man gave daughter earrings with precious stones on her tenth birthday.

We will remind, ballerina Anastasia Volochkova and businessman Igor Vdovin had a very long relationship. In 2005, the couple had a daughter, Ariadne. In 2007 the lovers organised the wedding ceremony, but later the ballerina said that officially, the pair did not registered the relationship. After several years of marriage, the Union star and the businessman fell apart. In April 2015 Igor Vdovin married to a rock singer Barbara Demidova. The lovers became husband and wife after a two year romance.