Тата Абрамсон родила девочку Participant of “House-2” for the first time became a mother. Tata Abramson gave his wife, Valerie Blumenkranz adorable little girl. The heiress pair were born on the Day of love, family and loyalty. The happy parents are receiving congratulations from fans.
Тата Абрамсон родила девочку

July 8 the family members of the popular reality show “Dom-2” Tata Abramson and Valeria Blumenkranz happened a great event. The light appeared and welcomed the daughter of a couple who got a Tattoo and Valeria the most fortunate people. The weight of the baby 3720 grams, height 53 cm.

The girl was born in one of the best perinatal centers in the capital, where he had been hospitalized Tata Abramson. Happy father all this time is next to his beloved wife and daughter.

Тата Абрамсон родила девочку
“This is the most beautiful day of my life,- shared his emotions Valera Responsibility. – Daughter is so beautiful, and most importantly, healthy! I’m happy. Thank you my beloved”.

It should be noted that Tata and Valera did not make a mystery of the birth of his daughter. Being in the clinic, the participants “House-2” each in their microblogs informed the fans about what a great event that’s going to happen. “So began”, – has signed a snapshot from the house of Tata Abramson.

“Away we go”, – commented on his photo in a medical mask husband of a young woman.

And now the happy parents are receiving congratulations with the birth of their daughter. Fans wish the girl and her mom and dad all the best.

“Congratulations on the birth of a Princess!”, “Health Lyalya and you quiet nights”, “on a day like this! A Day of family, love and fidelity! Health to you! Cheers”, “Tatochka, congratulations on the birth of a baby, health and happiness”, “well Done baby girl, just on the day of the family was born, mom and dad great gift!” congratulations Valeria and Tattoo their subscribers.

Tata Abramson and Valery Responsibility is one of the most harmonious pairs of “House-2”. The couple formalized the relationship, and were married shortly before the birth of her daughter. The pregnancy of the woman impact on the future father. Pregnant nanny Abramson suffers abuse by the groom

“As soon as Valera learned the good news, immediately began to change for the better: become more reserved, quiet and attentive. Every day he enquired about my health, support and never offends. Recently on one of the live broadcasts of favorite even voiced this thought: he hoped for nine months his reverent attitude to me will become a habit,” said Tata in an interview.

A couple of months on the appearance of the girls in the light of the expectant mother took a break and left the reality show. Informed the young woman said that the family will return to the project when a child turns two or three months.