Mother Zita and Gita needs help after her daughter’s death

Мама Зиты и Гиты нуждается в помощи после смерти дочери Parent separated Siamese twins faced financial problems. Zumriyat Rezahanova difficult to make ends meet. Apart from taking care of the only heir, the woman is engaged in patronage of the Center for children with disabilities, but barely cope with the costs.
Мама Зиты и Гиты нуждается в помощи после смерти дочери

The fate of Zita and Gita Rezahanova in 2003 was watched by the whole country, doctors miraculously managed to separate Siamese twins from Kyrgyzstan. However, the operation has not been in vain: the girls constantly had problems with health. In November 2015, Zita did not, she died after a long illness. Now the mother of two sisters Zumriyat Rezahanova is in distress. This sad news was shared by Alla Dovlatov, who just couldn’t stay away, knowing about financial difficulties Zumrut and her family.

“Now Gita and Zumriyat really need help. Until the 19th of July they are waiting for a new prosthesis! Gita is now studying at a women’s College, and Zumriyat, after the death of Zita opened the Centre for disabled children. She had 19 children of PWD. She opened this center in memory of a deceased daughter. Gita, in which half of the body, often sick. For many years Zumriyat lives with an outstretched hand,” told himself about the situation.
Мама Зиты и Гиты нуждается в помощи после смерти дочери

Zumriyat Rezahanova still can’t get over the death of Zita who passed away November 29, 2015. The assurances women, it hurts to be in that house, where the torment his daughter died, but the family has no other choice.

Mother Zita and Gita told how he survived the death of his daughter

Zita died from multiple organ failure, and a year before her death, she experienced a cardiac arrest. Despite the impotence of the doctors, Zumrut Rezahanova fought for daughter’s life to the last. The girl was rapidly losing her sight, suffered from inflammation of the internal organs, as well as polyuria and pneumonia.

“Zita asked parents to kill her, to spare them from suffering. At such moments Zumriyat ran away from home and went under the Windows of the room where her daughter died. There was nothing she could do about it,” says the subscribers of Alla Dovlatova.

The assurances most Zumriyat, video with Gita still feel the presence of Zita. Survivors are the daughter of Rezahanova now require medical assistance, but the financial possibilities of the family just yet. Alla Dovlatov encourages followers not to remain indifferent and to help a family caught in such a plight.

Now Gita is the dream of a new prosthetic that will allow her to walk normally. Regular medical examinations take a lot of effort, but the girl tries to study hard.

The sad news met an instant response from fans and radio host. Many of them promised to transfer funds to the specified details. “Zumriyat Rezahanova — courageous woman. She not only cares about her daughter, but also helps 19-year-children with disabilities, which have shown a different life. Now she can’t throw them half way and needs support,” – says Dovlatov.