Телеведущая Ольга Жук задумалась о выпуске парфюмерной линии
Television star in the future wants to try to create an original flavor.

Lena Knyazev and Olga Zhuk

Photo: Elena Sukhova

TV presenter Olga Zhuk, among other celebrities, came out on the eve of the presentation of the original scent from Lena knyazevoy. Created perfume happened, according to star of the First channel, interesting, rich, sea, coffee and citrus notes.

Beetle told about how the fairer half of mankind, it is important to choose a fragrance that suits her. “I believe that every girl must learn to choose the fragrance that suits her, because the scent is a very important element of the image, — says Olga. — I have such spirits there! Reveal the secret — it is one of the fragrances line Lancоme. No matter how many I have other bottles, but this one should stand on the dressing table always. I’m pretty picky with fragrances. Choose them carefully, but always ready to get acquainted with novelties. And suddenly?

Create your own line of cosmetics or perfumes is an interesting variant of the implementation itself. You can show imagination and to discover new facets of his personality, his taste. Good idea! Will have to think about it. And suddenly, coming soon will be a new perfume BY OLGA ZHUK. I always create, creation, for everything new, for the experiments with a twist, or perhaps with the aroma of raisins!”