Tristan Thompson threw Chloe Kardashian for his former sweetheart

Тристан Томпсон бросил Хлою Кардашьян ради бывшей возлюбленной

Long lasting relationships are the stars of the American reality show “living with the Kardashian” Khloe Kardashian with basketball player Tristan Thompson. As reported by insiders edition RadarOnline, the athlete proposed to his new passion to make a pause in the relationship and reunited with the mother of his young son – in a word, a nightmare Chloe’s true.

Thompson invited Kardashian to pause, but everyone knows what he meant. Chloe, who did not spare the beloved of their hard-earned money and throw away fifty thousand dollars, was shocked a t such a proposal. Insiders close to Tristan, reported that the cause of this, as if Thompson did not hide, was the relationship with the mother of his young son, Jordan Craig.
“There is a big chance that Tristan and Jordan getting back together” — said the insider.
Recall that ex-girlfriend gave birth to a son, Tristan Prince on December 12 last year. Chloe was very jealous boyfriend to the mother of his child, and suspected that he can throw it for her.
To bind itself to Thompson, Kardashian showered him with gifts such as expensive watches, jewelry, branded clothing. She is hoping for marriage with him, but the guy decided otherwise. And his family was not thrilled that the guy just buy. Chloe repeatedly stated that he sees a new beloved future husband, and Thompson himself asked her not to drive horses. Obviously, he had no such visionary plans as Chloe.