Телеведущая Марина Ким родила второго ребенка Heir to the stars was born in a clinic in Miami. Marina Kim doesn’t disclose the gender and name of the newborn baby. Pregnant TV presenter learned fairly late in life, but despite this fact, it all ended well.

      Телеведущая Марина Ким родила второго ребенка

      Great news came on Sunday from overseas. It became known about the new addition to the family leading the First channel of Marina Kim.

      Baby star was born late at night on Saturday in a clinic in Miami. Across the ocean the future mother went early, thinking that the process of the birth of her baby she trusts American specialists. It is noteworthy that the Marina Kim has not yet told in the blog about the joyous event that occurred in her life. Happy mother keeps in secret the same gender and name a newborn baby.

      It is known that during pregnancy the presenter, the doctors were never able to tell her who, boy or girl, will be born. According to Marina Kim, the clinic where she observed, first said she was expecting a boy and then the ultrasound showed that she will be born second daughter. So understand this question is leading would not.

      News about her pregnancy Marina Kim often shared through the YouTube channel and Instagram. All her thoughts were occupied only impending motherhood. Marina told me that after the birth of the baby, she has no plans to leave and hopes to be able to combine the education of two children and broadcast on “the First channel”. Shortly before the appearance of the baby born Marina Kim and her friends staged a fashion in recent years, celebrity party baby shower where the presenter showered gifts upon gifts. Pregnant Marina Kim staged a celebration in honor of the future baby

      It should be noted that pregnant expectant mother learned at a fairly decent time, in the fourth month. And already being in position and not knowing about it, Marina Kim participated in a very risky event as the First channel show “Without insurance”. The screen star admitted that after learning about the pregnancy, she feared for the unborn baby, because her body endured serious overload.

      But despite this, everything eventually ended well. As reported 7 days.ru, the birth went without complications, baby weighing 3400 grams and mom feel great. It is worth noting that Kim is hiding that baby’s father, however, as it was with the first pregnancy. The star responsible for raising her daughter Briana.


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