Тяжелые испытания в жизни Жасмин: побои и арест второго супруга In late June, the Moldovan authorities arrested the husband of the famous singer — businessman Ilan Shor. The reason for his detention was suspicion of financial fraud. It is known that he will be in jail for 30 days. What other tests at different times befell the people’s artist — in the material “StarHit”.

      Тяжелые испытания в жизни Жасмин: побои и арест второго супруга

      Singer Jasmine — a role model of fortitude and courage. The artist does not give up, despite the fact that her lover is behind bars. Although, without a doubt occurring to her was an ordeal. Jasmine admitted to “StarHit” that the arrest of Ilan Shor — shock for her. Recall also that at the moment, the artist is forced not only worried about the wife, but also taking care of the kids. A few months ago in the Jasmine family happened replenishment.

      Jasmine about the detention of her husband: “It was a misunderstanding”


      The friends are actively trying to support the singer. She did not despair, they organized a flashmob that aims to give Jasmine extra strength in order that she not become discouraged. One of the first published in Instagram photo with the hashtag “#freeShor” close friend Jasmine Olga Orlova. “Ilan, you’re strong, I know! You have to fight injustice. You supported us, your friends!”, — wrote ex-member of “Brilliant” in his microblog.

      Тяжелые испытания в жизни Жасмин: побои и арест второго супруга

      Olga joined other figures of show business, decided to help Jasmine and her husband kind and encouraging words. So, according to Philip Kirkorov, the guilt of a person needs to determine only the court, and it is too early to draw final conclusions. “Ilan Shor cooperating with the investigation, is evidence of his innocence and, especially, not trying to hide from justice,” — said the singer.

      Тяжелые испытания в жизни Жасмин: побои и арест второго супруга

      In turn, Nikolai Baskov said that Ilan Shor is his friend, good person, wonderful family man and Executive mayor of the city of Orhei, and expressed the hope that in the near future the situation with the arrest of the businessman resolved. “My dear, in every person’s life can happen anything!.. I want to Express my support and to bring to public attention”, — shared his opinion of the artist.

      Тяжелые испытания в жизни Жасмин: побои и арест второго супруга

      And Alexander Buinov wrote in his microblog that long enough to know the shore, and, according to the popular performer, he’s smart, self-sufficient and reasonable man. Support Ilana, his family, and his beloved Jasmine! Good luck! Thanks to everyone who understood me!” summed up his appeal to the fans of the singer.

      Тяжелые испытания в жизни Жасмин: побои и арест второго супруга

      The action star continued many not indifferent citizens of Russia. They also took pictures with the poster that says hashtag calling for the release of the businessman.


      Her first husband, Jasmine was the owner of the Metropolitan network of restaurants “El Dorado” and “La gourmet”, as well as the construction business in Sochi Vyacheslav Semenduev, their marriage lasted about 10 years.

      Familiarity Jasmine and a successful businessman was quite unusual. A successful entrepreneur saw a picture with a family holiday Jasmine. The young singer made an indelible impression on him. After some time, Semenduev met a girl and offered her his hand and heart. Jasmine was younger than his 17 years.

      The wedding ceremony Semendueva and Jasmine was held at the Eastern traditions. The man gave his bride an impressive dowry in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars. However, wedding Oriental beauties and businessman was marred by the death of loved ones both newlyweds. Jasmine then her mother died and her choice of his father and older brother. The celebration didn’t quite go as planned for the pair. The Semenduev invited to Derbent Konstantin Raikin and Mikhail Grushevsky order they performed without musical accompaniment.

      Last goodbye: the Jasmine Sabitova and Grigoriev-Apollonov didn’t get to say to their moms.

      After the wedding the couple went to Moscow. In the small restaurant they were having a party for best friends. Among the guests of honor Jasmine and Vyacheslav was Alla Pugacheva.

      The Semenduev also admitted that he always wanted his wife lived a full life, and not only was a homemaker, as is usual in Oriental families. Over time, he realized that Jasmine wants to sing. At the start of the career of the young singer advised the composer Vladimir Matetskiy, advised Oriental girl named Sarah to use a pseudonym Jasmine. Thus began her musical career.

      Тяжелые испытания в жизни Жасмин: побои и арест второго супруга

      Jasmine released a few songs became hits, it began to recognize and invite to play live. The singer has toured not only in Russia but also abroad — in USA, Israel, Spain, Germany, Canada and other countries.

      It seemed that life artist perfect. A loving husband-businessman, charming son Michael, rotation on air of Federal TV channels and the largest radio stations, the cooperation with the first persons of the Russian show business — Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Nikolay Baskov, Igor Nikolayev…

      In 2006, however, occurred which shocked many at the event, with Jasmine. The singer openly declared that beat her own husband. She was admitted to the hospital with a brain concussion, a fracture of the wall of the nose, abrasions, bruises and hematomas. Initially, the star was silent, but what happened to her was so blatant that she was constantly asked who did it. In the end, Jasmine admitted: Semenduev has shown physical aggression towards her. And what’s more, he did it repeatedly — according to the artist, throughout their joint lives the husband was violent towards her. All this time Jasmine bravely endured, because they were afraid of public exposure. However, after the incident received wide coverage in the press, she decided to file for divorce.

      Тяжелые испытания в жизни Жасмин: побои и арест второго супруга


      Moldovan businessman Ilan Shor, who is engaged in the business 15 years, appeared in the singer’s life after breaking up with Semendueva. He helped the artist to heal wounds and recover from a messy divorce with former lover. At that time, the Jasmine was very difficult, she even had to share his own son with Vyacheslav.

      “When I saw, I realized that this woman must be mine. Long courted her…. I made the decision and we started life with a clean slate. Sarah’s past is past and I’m not interested,” — said Shor in the program of the First channel “Let speak”.

      The wedding of Jasmine and Ilan Shor was held in September 2011 and became perhaps the most luxurious in the entire history of Moldavia. It was attended by not only celebrities, but politicians, and businessmen. Early in the morning they flew to Chisinau, delighting reporters gossip on duty at the airport a quiet the state capital in South-East Europe. Among the guests of the ceremony were seen Lera Kudriavtseva, Irina Allegrova, Nikolay Baskov, Alexander Buinov, Philip Kirkorov, and many others.

      Specially for the ceremony of the wall of the Chisinau-based Palace of the Republic studded silk from Italy, his steps strewn with petals of red roses around the perimeter of the Banquet hall the tables were placed with raspberries and champagne. To the gazebo, where the couple led the red carpet, along which sat the families and friends of Jasmine and shore.

      Тяжелые испытания в жизни Жасмин: побои и арест второго супруга

      In a second marriage share Jasmine again fell out of the ordeal. Her husband became involved in one of the biggest thefts of recent times, when the three Moldovan banks withdrew a billion dollars. Shore was the former head of the administrative Council of one of these organizations, as well as the owner of the other two. Then the investigation was connected to the U.S. Agency Kroll, totaled his work a secret report.

      In February of last year law enforcement bodies of Moldova have started to conduct searches and to question the bankers, one of the witnesses in the case was the Ilan Shor. In support of his wife Jasmine has canceled a concert in Chisinau.

      The situation around the theft of a huge sum of money soon acquired such resonance that the Chairman of the Moldovan Parliament Andrian CANDU has published in social networks, the text of the secret report of the foreign company. It was not called the names of the suspects and revealed the scheme, which was carried out removal of the currency.

      Jasmine: “This story is a planned campaign to discredit her husband”

      Тяжелые испытания в жизни Жасмин: побои и арест второго супруга

      In October of the same year, shore has turned himself in to the national centre for the fight against corruption and described the chronology of corruption, the Moldovan politician Vladimir Filat. According to Ilana, in total, he paid Filat about 250 million dollars. After the court hearing, held in June 2016, former Prime Minister of Moldova, was sentenced to nine years in prison.

      However, litigation in the life of Jasmine is not over. At the end of June it became known that her husband was arrested on new charges of fraud in especially large size and money laundering. Because of the heart problems to her husband Jasmine regularly calling the doctor. According to journalists, at the meetings that required his presence, Ilan Shor was wearing a bullet-proof vest for security purposes.

      She Jasmine in his interview said that he does not understand what is happening and called the situation “a misunderstanding.” According to singer, the Prosecutor had exceeded his authority. In interview to journalists lawyer Shor said that at first he and Ilana was summoned for questioning, but instead it was the conclusion of the businessman under guards. The argument from the representatives of the law, according to the counsel of her husband, Jasmine followed. However, the singer does not give up and continues to believe the best. She was confident that her husband is innocent.

      “I thank everyone who stands by us in these difficult moments and everyone who supports mentally Ilana…I’m sure the truth will put everything in its place. Ilan didn’t want to do anything wrong, so long silent. Tried to live and work, sought by the example of Orhei show how to run the town! I believe in the truth,” wrote Jasmine in his Instagram.

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