Тупак Шакур расстался с Мадонной, потому что она.. белокожая

TMZ reports the racism of the late famous American rapper Tupac Shakur. It turns out that the artist had their reasons to part ways with singer Madonna, with whom they were in a short relationship. In a letter written by Tupac in the dungeons of the prison and addressed to the singer, he says he can’t be with her, and here is why.

“When you see black, it’s not considered a bad thing and in no way damage your career, quite the contrary: you have a new image, a more open and exciting. But for me it will mean a loss of fans. They see me differently. and I can lose half of their people” -Tupac wrote and added –”I didn’t want to hurt you”.
Other details of the letter can be read only by those who buy it at auction Gotta Have Rock and Roll, is scheduled for July 19. The lot starts with a price of 100 thousand dollars and it is expected that it will go for almost twice as much. The last letter Tupac was not so long ago sold for 170 thousand dollars. so that it can be.
By the way, maybe with Tupac started this passion of Madonna to black guys. After her divorce from guy Ritchie, the artist changes the young lovers one by one, all of them dark as night.