Оззи и Шэрон Осборн трогательно поздравили друг друга с 35-й годовщиной свадьбы

Passionate relationship famous husband Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are similar to ocean waves, and over 35 years of marriage, whose anniversary couple celebrates, everything they had. But now, after the last of the ninth shaft change of a musician, almost put an end to their relationship, there was a great calm. In honor of the anniversary of marriage of the spouse touching and gently congratulate yourself on this date.
On his page in the social network Sharon issued a joint photo with her husband, and in comments, thanked the wife for all the years of their marriage.

Оззи и Шэрон Осборн трогательно поздравили друг друга с 35-й годовщиной свадьбы
“Ozzie, thank you for those crazy and wonderful days. We will have a new Chapter of married life. I love you today even more than yesterday, and I want you to always know and remember: you carry my heart in your. It is aging and needs to be protected. Happy anniversary!” — posted by Sharon.
Mr Osborne has also pomposity in family albums and on his page in the social network published wedding photos.

“Happy anniversary, my love! You’re my everything.” — simply wrote Ozzie.
Recall that the couple met when his future wife was barely eighteen years old. Then they did not pay much attention to each other. Second time fate brought them together several years later, and the meeting became fatal. Sharon married Ozzy in 1982 in Hawaii. Over the years of marriage they had made and raised three children, and last year nearly got divorced through the fault of Osborne. The musician decided to check whether there is still powder in the flasks and had an affair with a stylist and a friend of his wife. On hearing this, Sharon, which are used to change the rocker filed for divorce, saying that Ozzy shot her in the heart.
Friends Osborne announced that most Sharon hurt is not the fact of adultery, but the fact that Ozzy was imbued with sincere feelings for the other woman. After the sensation gradually subsided. The musician came to his senses and begged forgiveness from his wife, he passed a course of therapy from love and lives happily married, which come of the 36th year.