Дочь отказывается общаться с Даной Борисовой

Dana Borisova is experiencing another drama: the most expensive in her life, the man’s daughter Pauline refuses to talk to her. While the mother is on treatment for drug addiction, a nine year old girl lives with her father, Maxim Aksenov, and Dana can only talk on the phone. In a candid interview with Borisov complained that misses her daughter, but the latter was stopped contacting her, and for the last time and refused to speak with my mother.

“At the beginning of the rehabilitation I had a spiritual strength to it, and now… the Daughter communicates very cold and memorized, other people’s sentences – it is felt that Papa and grandma good with her job. My question is: “when will I see you?” Polina says: “Well, I don’t know actually, I want to see you or not.” To hear that very hard. I do not disavow responsibility. On April 18, Polina lives with his dad. She offered him that option,” says Dana distressed.
Despite the fact that Borisov openly jealous of the girl to “suddenly kindled” the love child of Maxim, she’s still grateful to him for what he is with her now. Have accumulated Given to the former civil husband and the weight of the claims. So, according to the presenter, after all these years she never saw a penny from him, although now he claims that he paid her monthly for 80 thousand rubles.
According to This, and now relations with ex-husband she’s tense, because Maxim is now for the court is preparing a paper which will indicate that his annual income is 21 thousand rubles. This man owns a house in Spain and hostile.
“The last time he texted that her daughter doesn’t want to talk to me” — upset Dana.
Not so long ago Maxim legalized custody of her daughter, and for the sake of Borisov on the day came from Thailand. She said that he will spend another six months at least, and in parallel will develop their own business project- a rehabilitation clinic, similar to the one in which the now treated. Its opening is scheduled for the middle of August. Will Dana be treated in a private rehabe, or will remain in the “12 steps”, is still unknown.
Dana also said that Polina with her grandmother, mother Borisova, does not communicate, because her father does not allow it, and lawyers presenter already discussed with lawyers Aksenov text of the settlement agreement, under which the girl returned to live with her.