Maria, Carey was unable to pay with a credit card while shopping

Мерайя Кери не смогла рассчитаться кредитной картой во время шоппинга

American pop diva, Maria Carey experienced a few unpleasant moments: the famous actress has experienced payment difficulties during the shopping, as all acredite card was rejected.

“She shopped on Rodeo drive, and her credit card was rejected. When it happened at Louis Vuitton, she thought that it was an accident. But when it happened three more times, she was embarrassed and humiliated,” said the eyewitness edition RadarOnline. Despite the inconvenience, to abandon purchases because of the embarrassment Carey did not want, and therefore soon returned with the cash and his Manager Stella Bulochnikov. Women paid off, and Maria, depicting the face of a polite smile, left with a new outfit.
And at the same time to tell the insiders, a time of great love Merii to the Stella has passed. Keri Bulochnikova accuses of incompetence and lack of professionalism. She’s angry at her because of poor sales of tickets for the joint tour with Lionel Richie, besides, dissatisfied with the results of business transactions.
“Stella tells her that everything will be fine, but Maria doesn’t believe her,” said the insider.
Surrounded by Keri has said that she is experiencing some financial problems from a new boyfriend. As you know, Maria resumed relations with a young lover, a choreographer Bryan Tanaka, which spoils travel to resorts and expensive gifts.
Stella it’s time to worry: the poor performance of the former financial Manager, Steve Power in 2014, it requested the court to charge him $ 50 million.