«Измена как образ жизни»: самые неверные знаки зодиака Unfortunately, in our time, honest in relationships, people – a rarity. According to the statistics changing about 75% of men and 55% women. And girls recently were more likely to go on cheating other halves. Statistics among men remains unchanged.
«Измена как образ жизни»: самые неверные знаки зодиака

In astrology each zodiac sign has its own character and temperament. Moreover, there is a certain statistics of the faithful and, on the contrary, tend to change. Of course, you need to understand that for any mark there are exceptions, and every relationship is unique and may be incompatible with what the stars say. But if you know the zodiac characteristics of your partner, this will allow you to learn more about him and will help to avoid many problems. Astrologer, psychologist and parapsychologist Sergei lang gave the characteristics of each sign.

12th place – Capricorn

Capricorns are the most loyal of all the signs. These people appreciate what they have in life. Moreover, they are monogamous and do not forgive infidelity. If faced with a betrayal, then you will be convinced of Capricorn you’ll never see my side. Anfisa Chekhov has long concealed the parting with her husband from fans. According to her, she was ready to forgive infidelity and explained that the collapse of her marriage lay in the other.

11 – Scorpio

Scorpios love to attract everyone’s attention, so often they can be seen flirting with the opposite sex. They might allow a sexual relationship on the side. But the Scorpions themselves rarely leave the family. Rather, they can create a desperate situation for the second half, for example, intolerable living conditions, and patiently to wait when their partner will leave them yourself. Maria Pogrebnyak proves that Scorpions are some of the most loyal signs of the zodiac. For over 12 years she lives with her husband Paul and has three children.

10th place – Taurus

Taurus loves family values and strongly protects her from problems. But at the same time, this zodiac sign rarely admit their mistakes. Therefore, if the family is tense, he’s not trying to solve the problem and will find an outlet on the side. But do it secretly so that your partner will not guess about the change. Stepan Menshikov last year said that divorcing his wife Eugenia. He explained that the fact that his wife used him for their own purposes.

«Измена как образ жизни»: самые неверные знаки зодиака

9th place – Aquarius

Aquarians are quite loyal, and just love yourself. Another interesting feature – they prefer a good work up before marriage. But creating a family, they need to partner to grow as a person, otherwise, Aquarius will find a replacement. Three years ago Vera Brezhneva was married to Konstantin Meladze, leaving behind all the novels that were in her life.

«Измена как образ жизни»: самые неверные знаки зодиака

8th place – Fish

Fish constantly swimming upstream and never stop. The representatives of this sign love variety in life, so if the relationship is stagnant they get bored. Then the Fish go in search of new emotions, some of which may be fascination with another person. Also, this sign is one of the most sociable, so it is not easy to resist the temptations. One of the most enviable brides of the Russian showbiz Anna Semenovich is still not married. Despite the fact that it is surrounded by numerous fans, she is not yet ready to go down the aisle.

7 – Virgo

Virgin sufficient economical. They are very practical people and always looking for a more profitable option. Virgin will not change, but when you realize that there is a more profitable party, without a second thought pack your things and leave towards a new life. However, showman Alexander Revva, lives happily with his wife Angelica and two daughters.

«Измена как образ жизни»: самые неверные знаки зодиака

6th place – Libra

Representatives of this zodiac sign is difficult given any choice in life. They want to try a lot, and then be sure to find out whether they did. Libra may occur together with two people because I can’t decide who to choose. Often they are so long that applicants for a rank of the second halves get tired of waiting and throw the fight, and the Scales in the end be left with nothing. Singer Sati Kazanova 35 years tied the knot. Prior to that, she had Affairs, which never culminated in the wedding.

5th place – Lions

Leo takes everything from life. He likes to throw dust in the eyes, only to feel on top. Therefore, this zodiac sign often changes, because all the people close to you know their ins and outs, and they don’t feel the best in their eyes. And when the lion starts a relationship on the side, it can create any look and feel a real King. When Igor Petrenko was married to the first wife, he began a relationship with Ekaterina Klimova. However, this Alliance did not last long – now he married for the third time.

«Измена как образ жизни»: самые неверные знаки зодиака

4th place – Aries

The RAM is important, the quantity and quality of life. It’s hard to stop at one partner and be faithful until the end of his days. There are a lot of good choices, well how is he supposed to sit still? Aries seeks to win the love and respect constantly, and one person for their own ego to him a little. Actor Andrew Hagolan divorced his wife Diane Ochilboy. Despite the fact that the girl was with him during his struggle with cancer, the couple still decided to leave.

3rd place – Gemini

Gemini can easily lead a double life. Home to be a good husband and father (mother, wife) and outside to have a tumultuous relationship. It is their most often tempt short-term, resort and office romances. Not so long ago, football player Andrey Arshavin is caught in a scandal. After hugs with the Kazakhstan model of his wife began to threaten the girl, trying to keep the family together.

«Измена как образ жизни»: самые неверные знаки зодиака

2nd place – Cancer

Cancers do not know how to appreciate family happiness. They are very driven people and often live emotions, not your head. Cancer is difficult to agree, he listens only to himself, and in the case of adultery will not apologize and will throw the blame on you. So get ready to listen to what you have created unbearable conditions and he has nothing left to do but to find another option. The star of “House-2” Anton Gusev has decided to leave the first wife, who gave him a son, now happily married with Victoria romanet.

1st place – Sagittarius

Sagittarius real lady’s man. He can’t abandon an interesting and seductive life. Besides, he’s all into himself falls in love, after all, has a strong character and has a powerful charisma. Archers change, not because their partner something not like it, but just because it is their way of life. Victoria Bonia is considered one of the most beautiful stars of show business. After breaking up with Monegasque businessman Alex Smerfit she said about the new novel.