Нелли Ермолаева боится лишиться мужа из-за ребенка The presenter told us about the crisis in relations with spouse possible after the baby is born. Ermolaeva advised everyone who recently gave birth, to give more time to her husband.

Ex-participant of TV project “Dom-2”, TV presenter, businesswoman and popular blogger Nelli Ermolaeva month and a half ago for the first time became a mother. In America she gave birth to her son Myron. While Nelly returned to the main work, she continues to actively lead his Instagram, which published a photo of son and husband Kirill Andreev, shares his thoughts and concerns, give advice and just explains how to pass her days in Miami.

Subscribers love this bright brunette for your candor – Ermolayeva there is no taboo, and she calls his name.

So, great interest was aroused by her recent post, in which Nelly drew the attention of his followers that the birth of a child may, if not deteriorate, the change in the relationship with her husband. She rightly noted that in the busy schedule of a mom of a baby should be a time for the spouse.

“Of course you need to tense “mascom” chart to find time for my husband. Do you often husband asking about his dreams ? About the plans? At least once a week to watch a movie together and afford “zapresheno” about the pizza. To make a common peccadillo,” wrote Nellie.

Ermolaeva, did not hesitate, raised the delicate subject of sex after childbirth. Mommy has the answers to all the questions, she believes that the sooner the relationship between husband and wife return to the “prenatal” period, the better for the couple. Well, in General, advises – “do not be shy”.

“While the baby was put to bed, give each other a massage… smoothly flowing… the main thing during sex, hum bayushki-bye. Some have fears. “And suddenly Wake up the child?” or postpartum the anxiety related to pain… the sooner you relax, the easier it will be for both of you. No need to postpone and wait for the right moment. Here and now! Another point. As said Dorn: “you do Not need to be ashamed,” be Frank with each other. After the baby is born, life goes on!”, – frankly told Nelli Ermolaeva.

The presenter is not just raised such an intimate topic. Communicating with friends, Nelly realized that the birth of a child is a test of the family, and if you miss the moment, you can just lose her husband. In any case, some examples of her friends brought her to this point.

“What I’m writing. Today I called up a friend who had recently given birth. Kom misunderstanding and stress is growing in their family. She pushes herself into the corner and is afraid to relax, afraid to make love. All absorbed by the child (this is, of course, absolutely correct). But, you need to learn to find time for yourself and husband. Otherwise the relationship will, unfortunately, crack. A fundamental change will not sustain your love… the Weather is between you, must remain the same as before birth! The birth of a child is a kind of test of family strength. Let this check will be passed on “excellent”!” – posted by Nellie.

In the comments between the subscribers Ermolaeva heated arguments broke out. Some advocated to protect yourself, nursing mothers, from the stress, like sex, while others supported the position of the Nellie on this issue and shared their stories. “Yes, I agree, I have after the baby is born, everything changed, her husband went for a second and then the third plan, I’m all in baby, it’s not right, and the child very restless, so relations have become worse”, “Yeah, that’s right, the main thing of this scenario is to adhere to, is difficult for us girls, everything needs balance, and with her husband and child”, “the Right Advice, Nelly, you done right! 100 percent agree with you! That’s how much I love your family! Take care of each other, appreciate, enjoy each moment together!” – wrote followers.