Сестры Колисниченко помирились с отцом Stars “House-2” have never seen relative. Julia and Ekaterina Kolisnichenko were able to establish a relationship with dad, despite the fact that earlier he did not take any part in their upbringing. Now young women want to visit the man.

Sisters Kolisnichenko came to the “House-2” in 2010 and almost immediately said that growing up in a single-parent family. Girls raised by a mother who tried to give them everything they need. Father Julius and Catherine never met. In recognition of the former participants of the teleproject, they felt no desire to find my dad, but recently he made Hisself known.

“He was found by some journalists of one of the Federal channels. Our dad is retired military, an elderly man, over 70 years old, lives in Odessa. We communicate regularly via video link, congratulate each other on holidays. To be honest, at first it was hard to take him as my own, but then found a common language,” said Julia Alibekova.

According to the sisters, their parents had a office romance. When mom got pregnant, she decided to end the relationship, as did not see them as prospects. However, Julia and Catherine never accused a woman that grew up in a single parent family because she tried to surround the girls with care and attention.

Now the sisters have a dream to personally meet with the father, but it is difficult to compare schedules and plan a trip to Odessa.

“Until we went to visit him, after all I have family, two children. Vladimir Stepanovich — a very positive man. Maybe this year we’ll go to him in Odessa and get acquainted personally”, – shared his plans for Julia.

Fans of the former member “House-2” are very happy that they were able to resolve old family conflict and to establish a relationship with the father. “It is very important to be able to forgive. Must meet with dad”, “the Good news. These beauties should be a full family”, “My favorite girls from the project. Always positive and hold on to each other,” shared their views fans Kolisnichenko.

Despite the fact that each of the sisters has their own life, they really do get to see often, to spend together on family holidays. Julia is passionate about education of two, but don’t forget about creativity. But Catherine come to grips with the career of a singer. She often writes songs and participates in photo shoots.

Communicating with portal “Дом2Life.ru” Kolisnichenko said that is unlikely to be able to establish a relationship with his father, after all communication was lost long ago. That is why they are for that intervened in the case and journalists.