51-летняя Холли Берри показала фото топлесс
The actress is proud of her figure.

Halle Berry

Photo: @Instagram halleberry Halle berry

Halle berry, who this year will be
celebrate your 52nd birthday, pleased their fans. It
has shared a new photo, which was posing Topless. However, provocative
this picture can not be called, because the actress has settled with her back to the viewer.
However, this does not prevent to admire the simply stunning for her age
the figure of the actress.

New photo of Holly was made on the occasion of the development
new yoga pose — a headstand. “I want to show off my new achievement
I mastered this pose recently. And I would like you to also learn
to do it! However, I wanted to note that it is not necessary to bring yoga only
asanas. Do not forget about meditation. As shown by surveys, a significant portion of people,
consider yourself happy, meditating every day. Since then, as I began to regularly
meditate, I also feel a lot happier…” — such a small “lecture”
accompanied the berry, which I would like to her fans, following
example of an actress to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Holly has always tried to maintain good physical
form and avoiding bad habits. But since then, he wrecked it
latest novel, berry has decided to spend more time improving your
the body and gaining peace of mind. And the new novels, according to Holly,
she’s not looking. “Everything! I am done with love stories!” — so
signed photo of your photo that is posted in Integrame shortly after she threw another lover — Alex da kid, with whom she dated for a few months last year. And,
Berry then provided a snapshot of a number of “emode” — images of hands with
powerful biceps that had, apparently, mean that she feels
strong and hopes to cope with the new strike.