Траньков возмущен новым цветом волос беременной Волосожар Skaters told about the changes in their lives. Tatiana Volosozhar admitted that only during pregnancy dared to dye my hair to brown hair. The husband was dissatisfied with this action favorite. The athlete hopes that after the birth of a daughter, she will regain blond hair.

      Soon Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov it’s a girl. Young parents prepare for the advent of the baby born. According to the famous figure skaters in their married life occurred some changes. Tatiana admitted that her husband had to deal with some of the vagaries that are inherent to all pregnant women.

      Trankov believes that he was lucky as he had rarely witnessed tantrums or outbursts of his wife. However, one act of Tatiana angered Maxim. The woman decided to become a redhead.

      “One thing max did not approve. He didn’t like my new hair color. He believes that the blonde I was better,” said Volosozhar.

      Olympic champion about 10 years haven’t changed my hairstyle, so her husband hardly used to this transformation. Maxim hopes that soon his beloved woman will again become a blonde. However, Trankov thinks he was lucky with his wife. Participant of the show “Ice age” was aware that many women in an interesting position mood swings, so from the beginning of pregnancy were prepared for the worst.

      “Tanya is not asking for anything special. Although for some reason she does not eat what I loved. Offer favorite ice cream is refuses. Same story with a dish of mushrooms”, – said Maxim.

      Recall that before the fourth month of pregnancy Tatiana Volosozhar continued to work. Skater successfully finished all the performances in Japan. Admitted as an expectant mother, she was very afraid to fall on your stomach. The husband protects his wife and tries to do everything to make her feel comfortable and not strained himself.

      “My goal is to replenish the family budget, because Tanya is now unable to ride. It is understood and is okay with our little separations,” explained Trankov in an interview with “TV Program”.

      According to the parents, the daughter will be born in late February. They have already started to buy the first things for the baby: bought the stroller, car seat, Romper and diaper. Together, they will live in a country house where almost done to do the repair.