Elena Temnikova explained the collapse of their business

Елена Темникова объяснила крах своего бизнеса The singer frankly told about how it has failed. Some time ago Elena was trying to start working with young artists. However, Temnikova failed to produce promising performers. The actress told about the reasons why it happened.

      The ex-soloist of the group SEREBRO Elena Temnikova is a successful young singer whose videos attracted millions of views on YouTube. The celebrity admits that working without a producer, and she has her own team. The way Temnikovo to fame was thorny, but now she knows exactly which song will blow the charts and forget the next day.

      In 2014, it became known that Elena founded his own label By Temnikova and later began to try to cooperate with young artists. However, the attempts of the stars “to promote” promising newcomers did not succeed. Temnikova realized that she’s not going to be a producer.

      “You could say we started to build the label, a lot of money and effort invested. But the bottom line is helped a couple of guys. Why I didn’t get to be a producer? I know all about that should do the artist, but I have no master. The producer must be tough and evil. And I am too kind, soft person, I immediately gave the artists the life I never had. As the mother of your child. That was a grave mistake, because the guys quickly got complacent and stopped working hard. I already accepted the fact that you will not be able to be the producer. In me there is neither stiffness nor the desire to spend my life teaching anyone,” admitted Elena.

      In the future, the artist plans to use the name By Temnikova in order to do commercial projects not related to music.

      Recall that the departure of Elena Temnikova from the group SEREBRO was associated with the scandal. More than two years ago the singer left the band because of health problems. In 2015, producer Maxim Fadeev said that it happened a lot of claims and questions to the former ward, and accused the girl set up the whole team.

      Later Temnikova openly spoke to journalists about the challenges faced while working with Fadeev. Elena claimed that the producer demanded that all principals unquestioning obedience and constant reports, threatened and was categorically against it of these novels, preferring made-up stories for PR.

      Lena Temnikova told about humiliations that were suffered in the group SEREBRO

      However, Temnikova endured all the challenges she has faced on one of the initial stages of his career. “Yes, it’s been hard, but I signed the contract, so lived and worked strictly according to its terms, without any contradiction,” – quoted by star magazine Glamour.