New choice Britney Spears uses it for self-promotion

Новый избранник Бритни Спирс использует ее для саморекламы Native star I doubt that 22-year-old Sam Asgari really in love with the singer. Over an extended period of time Britney was hiding an affair with a younger man, but at the end of December, the singer was no longer afraid of unwanted attention from the public and started going out with him on walks and to restaurants without fear that they will take reporters.

      Новый избранник Бритни Спирс использует ее для саморекламы

      In late December the 35-year-old singer was spotted in the Los Angeles area of Canoga Park, home to mostly immigrants. It was accompanied by high East handsome, in which fans of Britney identified her partner in the video for the song Slumber Party. Unlike the famous girlfriend, not accustomed to go out without a guard, 22-year-old Iranian Sam Asgari kept confident and calm, because he moved to America only nine years ago. And when some girl too briskly ran to Britney for an autograph, just in case it down a star as any bodyguard.

      The couple went to the Japanese restaurant Guy-Kaku. Judging by the fact that at this time Britney and Sam’s not hiding from reporters, their romance has gained serious momentum.

      One hundred years of solitude

      Britney’s never been on a date in June 2015, when it parted ways with TV producer Charlie Ebersol after eight months of romance. In its standards is an eternity, but the singer took time to overcome the disappointment. Charlie seemed like the perfect candidate for a husband, and her admirers were jubilant – finally near Britney were not “nowhere man”, a wealthy guy from a good family, not by hearsay familiar with show business. However, it became clear that to start a good family Ebersol is not yet ready. “Britney urged him to marry, – eyewitnesses speak of the novel. – It is ripe for a third child and very afraid to stay Nezami. Charlie honestly was not ready for marriage”. Most offensive to Britney in this situation was that any other lady with two children, he might, and married.

      “Britney emotionally unstable woman with a weak psyche, told friends of Charlie. – She is still under custody, the government considers it is unable to conduct business. Charlie was afraid that he would not only have to educate children Britney, but to coddle her and take over her career. None of the bachelor will not go to the altar, anticipating such difficulties.”
      Новый избранник Бритни Спирс использует ее для саморекламы

      Spears decided that she can meet a man just like that, without marriage prospects, she was not interested, and, in protest, removed from social networks all the pictures with Charlie. She decided that next time will not hurry to present the knight of the sons, 10-year-old Sean and 9-year-old Jayden.

      “Charlie became attached to the boys, and they to him, say her family. Britney promised the sons that he will be their real dad. When everything fell apart, Sean and Jaden was heartbroken, because I experience like that is not the first time.”

      Love like Shakespeare

      In August 2016, Britney complained that the search of a new lover isn’t going too well. “After a long break I went on a date – said the singer. That day was terribly nervous, had lost the evening three pounds. We were sitting in the cinema, and somewhere in the middle of the film I realized that the guy I like, and I told him so. Therefore, immediately after the session was good-bye and went home to be sad”.

      In October, the man found himself. By the time Sam Asgari still wrote in the CV that works as a fitness trainer, but promoted himself in show business far enough to get a small role in the video itself Britney Spears. In the frame of the sexy singer was crawling to sitting Sam down a long table, and then licked from the counter spilled milk. Probably the scene has produced both a great impression, and they wanted to continue the story without the cameras, witnesses, and milk. In late November Sam posted in “Instagram” the first date at a sushi bar. It is an Iranian lovingly shakes her knee, and Britney Flirty shows him the language. Photo quickly disappeared, as Sam urgently taken binding on all men Britney a subscription to disclose details of the novel.

      Новый избранник Бритни Спирс использует ее для саморекламы

      One shot was enough for the reporters rushed to dig up the past of Sam. After moving with his parents from Iran born Hesam Asgari went to school near the house of the singer in thousand oaks, where he was the star of the team in American football. “The girls stuck to him – remembered classmates. – And he lacked the courage to use it. But after graduation, he dramatically transformed, like a switch had flipped. The next time we saw him hand in hand with the model of “Playboy” by the name of Jesse”. By the way, Jess left Sam right after he posted a photo with Britney.

      Native singer is happy that she is in love again, although the intentions of the Sam would seem questionable.

      “What is a fitness trainer in Los Angeles wants to become an actor or model? they say. – We think he felt how much Britney is not enough male attention, and saw this as his chance for glory, or at least employment. Started sending her flowers and showered with compliments. After one and a half years of solitude Britney to be bought and for less. She’s crazy about him and doesn’t want to listen to anyone”.

      When Jamie’s dad asked Sam to remove that photo, Britney scolded the parents for the intervention and stated that he and Sam – a new Romeo and Juliet. However, the singer keeps his word not to bring Sam into the house and are not familiar with children ahead of time. In early December, there were rumors that she shot her lover in the room in front of my apartment in the hotel Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, where he performs exclusive concerts.

      “Staff were ordered to treat Sam like a king, the sources said. – He can continue to order room service, use of the gym, going to the beauty salon and even to drive a car with a driver”. This is similar to the typical behavior love Britney, but the environment of the singer claims that “sources” are lying: “Life has taught her not to spoil men, while they do not deserve.”