Тори Карасева оправдалась за «искусственные» губы Ex-participant reality show told about the poor procedure. Fans Karaseva asked about experimenting with looks, and she confessed to them that her upper lip has suffered from a bee sting, which happened just a day after the injection.

Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Tory Karasev returned to the social network. Subscribers star telestroke was looking forward to this moment, leaving the restless comments under old posts. Striking brunette has always supported communication with the followers and answering their questions. Members have repeatedly asked tori whether she did plastic surgery or other procedures to improve appearance.

Tori Karasev has changed beyond recognition

Many fans of teleproekta remember that many years ago Karasev underwent a major surgery on the esophagus. During lunch at one of the restaurants she swallowed a shell, which damaged internal organs. It took so long to recover. In that period she was forced to do breast augmentation surgery. No other surgical procedures bright ex-participant reality show not tell.

Now, however, it turned out that many years ago the tories had problems with the lips. According to Karaseva, the day after the injection she was stung by a bee. While it may not fix the problem.

“In 2008, I made slight injections for lip augmentation (duration of response six months), but the other day I got stung by a bee right in the upper lip. I went to the clinic. Said that everything will pass, but as I understand, there was a reaction that reflected such a deformation. Of course, everything right, but want to stay away from surgical procedure,” – said tori.

Most fans believe that Karasev did not change with age. The girl is confident in herself and tries to give the fans positive emotions. “I’m always perfect, and every day I’m 18” – so says a former member of telestroke.

Recall Karasev lives out of town and plans to surprise fans with new songs. Surrounded by tories it was rumored that she broke up with Glory by Dvorackova, which met on telestroke.

“Victoria bought a house on their own, earned money. First, she purchased a plot, and then their own built two-storey cottage. To this friend lived in Moscow, and came only on weekends or holidays, sometimes with the Glory. Dvoretskov not involved in the acquisition of the land,” shared details of the life of her girl friend.