Скончалась легендарная актриса из «Вечного зова» Ирина Бунина “Ukrainian Anna Magnani” died on 78-m to year of life. Today in Kyiv took place the farewell to star of theatre and film. Many fans and colleagues of Irina Bunina dedicated to the artist published in social networks in which I remember her best role.
Скончалась легендарная актриса из «Вечного зова» Ирина Бунина

Today it became known that on 78-m to year of life died people’s artist of Ukraine Iryna Bunina. The sad news was announced by theatre critic and journalist Oleg Vergelis. According to him, in recent years, the famous actress suffered health problems and underwent several operations. Vergelis, also expressed condolences to the families of Irina Alekseevna.

Скончалась легендарная актриса из «Вечного зова» Ирина Бунина“Gone from the life of Irina Bunina… Outstanding Ukrainian actress, people’s artist of Ukraine. Muse Les Serdyuk and Nikolai Gritsenko. Malcolm McDowell called it “Ukrainian Anna Magnani”. Today was the farewell… In August she would be 78. For many years she worked in the theater named after Lesya Ukrainka. Brilliantly played in such popular films and television series, as “the Artist of Kochanovce”, “Eternal call”, “Rooks”. Last years was sick, was a difficult operation. (…) Irina Alekseevna is inconceivable that an actress I really, really loved. And I’ll love you…” – he shared Vergelis.
Скончалась легендарная актриса из «Вечного зова» Ирина Бунина

Colleagues Irina A. dedicate to the actress published in social networks, which are remembered best as the stars and wish her to rest in peace. “Our sun… Irina Bunina. Eternal memory”, – noted artist Anatoly Pidgorodetskiy.

The staff of the National academic theater of Russian drama named after Lesya Ukrainka shared that the famous actress was professional, aimed at a high result. Irina Alekseevna impressed the audience with their abilities and always gave their favorite work.

“She was an actress tergiversator bright talent. In her life there were only two theatres – the Moscow Vakhtangov theatre, and the Kiev theatre named after Lesya Ukrainka. (…) High insistence to itself, at times uncontrollable, explosive temper was a feature of the character of Irina Alekseevna. However, this is handsomely compensated for the highest professionalism and performance of the actress…” – remembered by those who personally knew the celebrity.

According to those who had the opportunity to work with Irina Bunina, she “was struck by an incredible power, emotion and temperament.” Colleagues stars believe that the “actress of this magnitude rarely appear on stage”.

“These are usually called exclusive, but today also added that these Actresses are no longer available, the material ended. Irina A. Bunin during the life entered in the Golden cohort remarkable constellation of artists of the National academic theater of Russian drama named after Lesya Ukrainka and will forever remain in the memory and hearts of the appreciative audience and colleagues,” – said representatives of the theatre.

Add that the star was born on 17 August 1939 in the Chelyabinsk region in the family of actors. Since childhood parents Irina A. – Alex and Claudia Bunin – instilled in her a love of theater. The daughter of a celebrity, Anastasia Serdyuk, has also followed in her footsteps and became an entertainer.