Jennifer Lawrence admitted why chooses specific men

Дженнифер Лоуренс призналась, почему выбирает специфических мужчин
The actress spoke about their unusual tastes.

With the “Oscar” for her role in the film “My boyfriend — crazy”. 2013


26-year-old Jennifer, despite her talents and beauty, still not got a permanent boyfriend. True, have seen it several times with the 48-year-old Director Darren Aronofsky (“Requiem for a dream”, “Black Swan”) — they say that in the film “Mother,” they began an affair. Then we discussed what he left her — supposedly because Jennifer recently spoke with electrifying dance half naked at a strip club. But soon the paparazzi spotted her outside of Darren in new York, so the breakup was not?

The most interesting thing in this story — Lawrence, usually not able to keep his mouth shut, this time to comment on the situation refused.

“Hell, I’m immediately spots overlap, as it is only about men it comes! — said the actress. — Everything I say is against me! Proven and tested! For five years I was in a relationship with one person. They ended when I was 24 years old. I didn’t understand how to live. The six months I spent in solitude. Sitting alone on Saturday nights. I even out did not call. They were all so awful and unkind”.

Jennifer admitted that realizes that perhaps the reason for her loneliness is that she has a rather peculiar taste in men.

“I am very fastidious in choice, perhaps it started in childhood, says Lawrence. — I rarely like. Maybe once a year attractive
man, that meet! I have a specific taste, it’s true.
If you remember
all of my Boyfriends, they are so different, comparisons are impossible. And now I want the man was kind, with sense of humor, looks are not so important. The main thing that the man did not think that I am — Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence. Yes it is advisable never knew who I was! Even where such a find?”

The full interview can be read here.