Балерина Мариинки признала роковую роль в крахе брака дочери Алисы Фрейндлих Anastasia Kolegova told about his relationship with a political figure Sergey Tarasov, who was killed in a terrorist attack in 2009. For the sake of the artist, the man left the family, leaving a daughter Alice Freundlich Barbara Vladimirov.
Балерина Мариинки признала роковую роль в крахе брака дочери Алисы Фрейндлих

Ballet soloist of the Mariinsky theatre, Anastasia Kolegova, the third wife of a politician Sergei Tarasov, who was tragically killed in November 2009. St. Petersburg Senator and former son-in-law of actress Alisa Freundlich was in the train “Nevsky Express”, which was blown up by terrorists.

In a recent candid interview with Kolegova first explained the speculation to the public about the fact that the man stole from the family. When the actress met with Sergei Tarasov, he was married to Varvara Vladimirova – daughter of Alice Freundlich and directed by Igor Vladimirova. In this marriage the politician were born two children – Anna and Nikita. In recognition Kolesovoy, their romance developed rapidly.

“Very fast and much loved and as a woman for the first time began to unfold. Of course, before him I had a novel, but very short, not more than a month. When I realized that it was not serious, she broke. But with Sergei, we all came together: a common interest for art and incredible personal feelings. (…) I know that Varvara Vladimirova filed for divorce with the ease of learning about our relationship with him. I, sad as it may sound, was the other woman, playing a fatal role in the destruction of their marriage”, – said the ballerina.
Балерина Мариинки признала роковую роль в крахе брака дочери Алисы Фрейндлих

However, the feelings were much stronger thoughts about what the people around them. In that period of my life, she was in seventh heaven. Before the loving couple decided to legalize their relationship, Tarasov gave the new darling apartment. In addition, the politician supported her financially. Kolegova stressed that he has not asked for his help.

“Perhaps subconsciously he thought it was fair to say, I’m young, and it sort of uses my youth. But it is not! For me it became an incredible man: could always listen, give good advice…” – shared the actress.

Add that Anastasia Kolegova was married to Sergei Tarasov in October 2009. The happiness of the lovers did not last long – a month after the wedding, the man died on the way to St. Petersburg. Politician buried at Nikolskoe cemetery of Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

During the conversation with journalists, the ballerina admitted that until recently did not believe in the death of a spouse. When Anastasia learned the sad news, she was on tour in Japan. When she reported the death of a loved one, Kolegova dropped everything and went home. According to the artist, with a place in the cemetery she helped Valentina Matvienko. “Aunt there often come: cleaned, in contact with Sergei, planting flowers, watching the grave,” said the woman, “Express newspaper”.