Катя Гордон встала на защиту Марии Максаковой The lawyer believes that the artist is totally sincere in his words. Guests in the Studio program “Let them talk” once again discussed what is happening with Maria Maksakova. Some have speculated that the singer was recruited by the security services.
Катя Гордон встала на защиту Марии Максаковой

Not the first month in society discuss Maria Maksakova, which last year together with her husband Denis by Voronenkova and young son Ivan left Moscow to Kiev. In March, the former Deputy of the state Duma, was shot dead in the capital of Ukraine. The next program “Let speak” devoted to the discussion of Maria Maksakova.

Andrey Malakhov said that audiences can expect a sensational investigation after the head of security Boronenkov Maxim Shapoval blew up in the car. The head of security for Berezovsky Sergei Sokolov is sure that this is the beginning of the operation “Troubleshooting”. He said that the first killer has been destroyed, and the second, which recently appeared in “Let them talk”, is on the run. The man who shot the killer Boronenkov, has made a sensational confession

“I wouldn’t have classed it simply as a wife. In fact, Maksakova came to Kiev through the criminals,” – said Sokolov.
Катя Гордон встала на защиту Марии Максаковой

He was sure that Maria was aware of everything, and was almost a member of the OPG. Journalist Otar Kushanashvili believes that she just didn’t want to admit it. He realizes that the woman is just utterly fell in love with Denis.

“Love is evil, but that’s not the point of the tragic story, the fact that she loved this man. On his forehead is written: “Life sentence,” said the man.

Guests in the Studio began to discuss the possibility that Mary was recruited by noted that she changed her style and began to wear clothes in yellow and blue colours. However, the experts recalled the conversation with the culprit, and acknowledged that she is a talker.

A former agent of the security Agency Berezovskogo Catherine said that tracked all interview Maksakova.

“Observations are that it works under the legend, we know how it all is created, is done. Our observation is established image, the way she speaks, teaches,” said the girl.
Катя Гордон встала на защиту Марии Максаковой

Others, however, questioned this version, because she’s an artist, but because it is inherent to change the image.

Lawyer Kate Gordon came to the defense of Maria Maksakova. The woman believes that she is absolutely sincere in his statements.

“She says what he thinks. There is a serious quality of character. Masha is known for its character, known for a long time as she chose of her husband and men in General. I went through all the interviews, she is sure that her husband was killed by the FSB,” – said a celebrity.
Катя Гордон встала на защиту Марии Максаковой

Another agent, whose face began to show, analyzed the record and concluded that in the past Maksakova was alive facial expressions, emotions. And in the video, which was filmed recently, she has a faded appearance, but she shows no sorrow. Writer Maria Arbatova said that the agents Sokolova look unconvincing.

Also former head of security for Berezovsky told the story of meeting Mary and Denis is not true. Analysts have conducted their own investigation. They were able to establish that Maksakova and Boronenkov tied to the criminal world in which a woman came through the civil wife of Vladimir Tyurin. However, a friend Opera singer criticized the attitude of the agents.

A friend of the singer Ksenia Merz told that Mary loves to have fun, and got to the state Duma thanks to a former roommate, who indulged her wishes. The woman it seems that she continues the way Boronenkov.

In the Studio there was a documentary filmmaker, Lana Parshina, who shot the film, the main double of the Soviet Union, Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva. The journalist said that he corresponds with Maksakova last two weeks.

“Her story has intersected with the story of Svetlana Alliluyeva. She ran ideologically in the camp of the Americans. And look what happened to Maria. She went to the Ukraine. In light of recent events it could turn into a bargaining chip in an ideological war,” said Parshina.
Катя Гордон встала на защиту Марии Максаковой

However, guests in the Studio discussed that she did not abuse the country, which is left, unlike Maksakova. Otar Kushashvili believes that a Declaration of love to Kyiv – no more than common courtesy.

A journalist friend of the family, Maria Andrei Karaulov said that he sees Parallels with Svetlana. He stressed that the events happened in a different era, and women have a different upbringing. Andrey Malakhov asked whether he believes that Maksakova might be next in operation “Troubleshooting”. The journalist said that he was glad when the singer canceled a concert in the center of Kiev. He was afraid that that’s where it can take the life.

Many have noted that Ukraine Maria no creative perspectives.

“She looks like a superstar, devote her program. On the show sounded like this tip: to maintain neutrality, it will save you. And it’s thanks to you and the historical context,” concluded Katya Gordon.

Some believe that if Maksakova return to Russia, she could be killed.