Тори Карасева изменилась до неузнаваемости The star of “House-2” tries on different images. Tori Karasev has mastered the art, which you can use to change the appearance. Fans were delighted from the experiments ex-member of the famous electroni.

Only recently the former participant reality show “House-2” Tory Karasev has once again become an active user of social networks. For several months she had not maintained contact with fans, who could not understand what happened with the girl.

Recently tori has mastered a variety of filters that are used in photo processing. Apparently, ex-member of the reality show were heavily involved in editing the frame – the fans didn’t recognize her in the picture. She changed hair color and hairstyle, and eyes made of emerald green.

Probably the girl was so fascinated by the different filters that it was unable to stop the following photo was published almost immediately after the first. This time she decided to see how it will look with masquerade mask on her face. Fans were delighted from the experiments of the tories. They loved to comment on the pictures.

“Victoria, you are a Queen! Be happy and healthy!”, “Vic! More of its beauty here, don’t stay too long”, “Victoria, wish we saw you always as beautiful, radiant and healthy! Happiness to you”, “was Queen, and it continues to be!” – wrote followers.

Some time ago, fans were concerned about the relationship with tori by Vyacheslav Dvorackova. When the girl ceased to lead the social network page, fans asked him exactly what happened. But then the man began to tell anything about his beloved and said that has no idea about her whereabouts.

But a close friend was able to give an answer that actually happened in the life of a star “Houses-2”. Each Victoria Karaseva explained her mysterious disappearance

“Victoria wrote together. Tori is out of town, engaged in the arrangement of life in your private home. Yet without access to the Internet, but in the near time intends to come back in the online space. Victoria also continues to pursue the recovery of lost health and work, preparing a new musical material and deals with writing your own books,” said “StarHit” friend Victoria Oleg.

Apparently, the relations between young people is normal. In the microblog Karasev is actively promoting the social media accounts of the elect. Man, in turn, exposes the photos and videos of the homes of the tories.