Денис Матросов копит деньги на свадьбу Because burglars actor lost savings. Now Denis Matrosov ready to work tirelessly to accumulate the necessary amount for the Grand celebration. The couple is not getting frustrated with thwarted holiday, and are willing to wait as needed.

In may last year, Denis Matrosov became a father of a beautiful son, Theodore. However, so far the man has not legalized the relations with the civil wife Olga – despite the fact that the couple intended to get married this summer, they had to change plans. The fact that in February all savings, deferred on holiday, was abducted. Now instead of lavish celebrations of the man will have to work. However, the artist does not get upset ahead of new projects. He hopes to be able again to accumulate the required amount.

“A wedding in the near future is not planned. But Olga did not lose heart. Because each of us already has an official marriage. We know what it is, and America, they will not open. Now going to work hard. Olga helps me, despite the fact that more and raising a child” – confessed to the Sailors.

Apparently, the couple is not ready to just to register relations in the registry office – they will certainly go to throw a big wedding for the occasion and not to postpone the celebration, as do some celebrities. Denis hopes that the criminals who stole the money, they will be caught. Moreover, the artist said that there are suspects and evidence. The artist dreams that justice will be restored.

Now all the attention Matrosov and his civil wife aimed at raising a young son. The actor said that Olga has not only baby, but also finds time to help him in some cases. “She’s a lawyer, so engaged in my talks, papers and so on,” explained Denis.

The sailors could not get enough on the child and tries to remember in minute detail the first months of the life of Fyodor.

“Son did for us the greatest joy! Of course, he is now more dependent on mom as it is on breastfeeding. But like us both at the same time! We came to the conclusion that if you look at our Oley baby pictures, we are very similar to each other. I sometimes even joking with our friends – show your baby pictures and they start to admire: “Oh, what a pretty Fedenka!” All shocked when I say that the pictures I, and not the son,” admitted Denis in conversation with journalists of the newspaper “Interlocutor”.