Глинников и Никулина ищут уединения на далеком острове The actor continues to meet the winner of the show “the Bachelor.” The happy couple shares photos of a joint vacation. Recently, Ilya has even risked his life to rescue the second half, entrusting her control of the helicopter.

Many fans of the program “the Bachelor” did not believe in the sincerity of Elijah Glinnikov against the winner of the fifth season. However, the lovers have to prove that their feelings are real. Recently, the actor went along with Ekaterina Nikulina on a romantic trip to Mauritius.

The pair stopped in a five star hotel in one of the most scenic and secluded parts of Mauritius, and soon in Instagram Catherine appeared first joint photo with the guests. Lovers do not indulge in extreme activities. It turns out that Ilya took a risk even for beloved life: it allowed her to pilot the helicopter, though under the control of the pilot.

“Are you sure you want to drive?

-Yes, of course!

-And you remember that you don’t know how to swim?


-Well, then flew. Will learn” – signed a joint the Nikulina.

The lovers spend all their free time together: they rest on the beach, do a lot of walking and visiting natural attractions. Fans are happy that the relationship of Catherine and Ilya so rapidly evolving. She Nikulina has fueled speculation about the completed engagement. She posted a photo of a ring with a precious stone, but wear the decoration on the middle finger. “Victory loves diligence”, – has signed a snapshot Nikulina.

Ilya prefers not to advertise a new relationship: the young man rarely puts pictures in Instagram. Recently, however, Glinnikov couldn’t resist and showed the frame where they are with Catherine holding hands on the background a breathtaking view. “What are you cool! I wish you infinite happiness”, “Amazing photos, you can feel the sincerity of your feelings”, “First couple from the show “the Bachelor”, which I believe,” commented the members of the actor.

Earlier, Ilya admitted that he immediately felt in Catherine’s native soul. They came long before the end of the project, but according to the rules of the reality show were not allowed to publicize their relationship. Now the lovers are always next to each other, discuss the literature and watch movies. Glinnikov shared details of Nikulina

Now the star couple is planning a wedding. The actor wants to organise a chic triumph in Georgia, which will invite all their relatives and many friends.