The girl Ivan Zhidkova expecting a baby

Девушка Ивана Жидкова ждет ребенка The actor will become a father for the second time. Darling Ivan Zhidkova Liliya Solovyova is on the fifth month of pregnancy. Fans rushed to congratulate the couple with such a happy event.

Over one and a half years actor Ivan Zhidkova in a relationship with Lilia Solovieva. The man talked about how much he loves her. Today it became known that they will soon become parents. The artist has published a photo in which a girl is depicted on a walk with my sister and daughter Zhidkova. Easy white sundress was not able to hide rounded tummy Lilies. Darling Ivan also told subscribers about the imminent advent of the baby.

“Well, if declassified, then this post #atakishili, and now I can put pictures,” – said Solovyov and indicated that it was in the 26th week of pregnancy.

The followers of the artist were very happy with this news and hastened to congratulate the couple. They wished mother and baby health. “Great news! Congratulations! Health and happiness to you and the kiddies”, “Congratulations! Easy pregnancy and childbirth! Happy parenthood!”, “Congratulations! Good health of Lily and the baby, easy birth,” wrote netizens.

For a long time Lily was perfectly able to hide a tummy in all the pictures she appeared mainly in loose clothing or was in the picture so that you can see only her face. Now the girl does not have to hide from subscribers future motherhood.

For Ivan Zhidkova baby will be the second child. He has a seven-year-old heiress, Mary, who was born in wedlock with actress Tatyana Arntgolts. The chosen men were able to make friends with a girl. She spends a lot of time with the child and even calls her daughter. When the girl turned 25 in may, she decided to list all the things that could achieve at my age.

“My parents and relatives are alive and well! I have a favorite, loving and caring man! I even have a seven year old daughter, who, incidentally, took this picture! I live in the lush green country house! And I have a dog, I dreamed of my whole life. And it’s all my personal victory!” – wrote Lily.

Zhidkov loves his beloved and tries to pamper her. Not so long ago, he gave the girl a car, which costs about three million rubles.