Игорь Крутой запускает новое реалити-шоу «Битва талантов»
The composer will give the winner a million rubles.

Igor Krutoy

Photo: Elena Sukhova

One of the biggest projects this summer will start with 15
July on the channel Muz-TV. Academy Igor Krutoy for many years engaged in the search
and training of young talents across the country, as well as the Creator of the most
the major children’s creative programs like “New wave” , “Child
The Eurovision song contest”, “song of the year” and many others. And that’s years of experience have resulted in
another show “Battle of talents”.

To participate in the selection for the project was approved for children from 9 to 16 from all over the CIS and
the results of numerous casting best were invited to the project.
The creators do not reveal all the secrets of “the Battle”, but we already know that one of the
“chips” will be the absence of a permanent jury, each issue to judge the participants
will new trio of popular artists, songwriters and bloggers. Only two star
mentor teams will be with them the way from the beginning to the end of the show.

Individual attention scenery “Battle”, which will be one of the
the most ambitious in the history of reality TV projects.
And the main prize for the winner, passed all the tests, will become a million
rubles for further promotion.