Giorgio Armani's Top 10 Brilliant Looks Bring Back 20s Aesthetics Style is the only luxury , which you can afford.

Giorgio Armani suggested TOP 10 brilliant looks and returned aesthetics of the 20s Another haute couture masterpiece at the Haute Couture Week was the autumn-winter 2022-2023 collection from the fashion house Giorgio Armani. Designers have prepared very elegant feminine outfits, without resorting to outrageousness and extravagance, maybe a little more romantic and a little less formal than Chanel. (see photo…)

Realism and a sense of style, the hallmark of Giorgio Armani, is a constant presence in the collection, which arises from the need to give new space to brilliance and frivolity, offering an escape into dreams and creativity. For as the great couturier said: “The difference between style and fashion is only in quality.”
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