Elie Saab's top 10 Arabian fairy tales enchanted everyone at Paris Fashion Week Elegance and good taste.

TOP 10 Arabian fairy tales from Elie Saab enchanted everyone at Fashion Week in Paris Paris Fashion Week has pleased with another interesting show. Lebanese designer Elie Saab presented his new fall-winter 2022-2023 collection. Saab became the first Arab to become a member of the French Haute Couture Syndicate. fairy tales from Elie Saab enchanted everyone at Paris Fashion Week” />

At the age of 9, the future designer sewed clothes for his family from improvised materials: he cut patterns from newspapers and looked for fabrics in his mother's closet. And already at the age of 18, he staged a real fashion show in war-torn Beirut.

Elie Saab mainly specializes in wedding and evening dresses, combining the luxury of oriental jewelry with western silhouettes. “I try to instill good taste,” says the designer, “I like feminine elegance, not extravagance.” And in this he is true to himself.

His dazzling dresses made of silk taffeta, organza and satin, like paintings on the female body, draw slender silhouettes and attract attention.
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