Тому Хиддлстону льстит сравнение его с новым Джеймсом Бондом

After the failure of Daniel Craig from the role of James bond in the new installments of “James bond” the most likely candidates for the vacant position, according to some observers and critics is the British Tom Hiddleston.

Many believed that inborn elegance, attractiveness and restraint of the actor make the perfect new James bond.

Of course, these rumors and talk couldn’t get to the Hiddleston. In conversation with representatives of The Entertainment Weekly commented on her potential new role: “of Course, it’s flattering to hear about this idea from the lips of the spectators, because for me as a child growing up in Britain, bond has always occupied a Central place. I grew up on Sean Connery and Roger Moore, and the BBC always showed these movies Sunday night, so Monday morning topic for discussion with friends was the only one. That’s why I get a strange feeling, being the subject of these talks”.

What do you think, will The new 007?

Recall the last appearance of Hiddleston on the screen was in the mini-series “Night administrator”. As it turned out, the creators of the film adaptation of the novel by John Le Carre is not stingy, and therefore actors ‘ fees paid are appropriate. So, for the role of a former British soldier Jonathan pine, a hired employee of the intelligence service to spy on the syndicate arms dealer, Hiddleston received more than $ 26 million (i.e. $ 4.5 million per episode).

It is worth saying that most likely, the fees of the actors playing the main roles, was spent the lion’s share of the budget. But still these costs were justified. Mini-series was very well received by critics and viewers. Pleased also rather spectacular scenes of explosions, car chases and shootouts — which, according to tradition, expensive cost especially.


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