Maxim Galkin went to the hospital

Максим Галкин попал в больницу

This morning in the media there was information from the village Mud was urgently hospitalized husband Alla Pugacheva Maxim Galkin< /strong>. First all thought that the showman was suffering from appendicitis, but the family friend and previous husband Diva Phillip Kirkorov has declared to journalists that Maxim just pulled my back at the gym.

“As far as I know, max just pulled her back, working out in the gym. He really was in the hospital, but now he’s fine and he’s heading home,” — said Kirkorov edition of Linus.
This information later was confirmed by the Galkin. According to Maxim, he “overdid at the gym” and just in case decided to “recheck in the clinic”.
“I’m alive and well, thank you for your concern” — said Galkin.

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