Звезда фильма «Бой с тенью» во второй раз стала мамой
Actress Elena Panova gave birth to a daughter.

Elena Panova

Photo: Photo TASS

A happy event in the family
Elena Panova happened March 15 — actress gave birth to a girl. The baby was born in
one of the Moscow clinics with a weight of 3200 grams and 51 cm.
“The youngest daughter my husband called Lydia, though still not managed it
to register, — said Elena 7days.ru.
— A beautiful name: it was the name my great-grandmother, and among the roles I played, in my opinion,
three heroines name is Lidiane. But the daughter we named not in honor of someone, we just
liked the name and it really suits her”.

Especially the addition to the family rejoices eldest daughter Elena Mariana, which in
the end of February was 4 years old. “Marianne really wanted a sister,
girlfriend, and are quite happy now, — continues Elena. She is very
touching cares about Lydia, even for a second from her side, she wants
constantly play and chat with your sister, but the girl still need
to relax more. And in the morning Marianne runs to the crib leads and impatiently waiting
when she wakes up: “Hurry up already!”.

During pregnancy Elena felt fine and went on to star in
the TV series “Chesnochnitsy,” where he played a major role. On the platform she made friends
with a partner on a painting Mary Porosino, which at the time was also preparing
to become a mother, and for the fourth time. The entire film crew surrounded the future
mothers care — they are fed fruits and curds. Now work on
this project has been completed. But the shooting of another TV series — “Time
the first” where Elena plays the wife of cosmonaut Beljaeva, the character of Constantine
Khabensky, continue.

“I might have another change in the series “first Time”, — says Elena. — Then,
closer to the summer planned another picture, but about it to speak now early. And
while I want as much time to spend with my family”.

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