Fans can’t recognize Ksenia Borodin

Фанаты не могут узнать Ксению Бородину The TV host changed the image. Long curls Ksenia Borodina became a neat haircut that star collects into a tight tail. Her hair colour also changed.

      Фанаты не могут узнать Ксению Бородину

      With the onset of warm spring days many girls are thinking about updating the exterior. Was no exception and Ksenia Borodina. Well-known TV presenter literally introduced new colors to its appearance. Fans of star noticed that her hair was much lighter. In fact, the star of “House-2” has turned into a blonde.

      “I didn’t know”, “Very blonde”, “hair Color super! And the beauty,” “New color. Super! “Hastened to congratulate his favorite among fans. Others, however, criticized her. “Mary, you better a brunette”, “You would be a little darker color to the way it was”, “You don’t want this”, “Go away from yellow,” said they. Apparently, with the latter leading not agree, because it’s been a few days goes to new hair color and is quite pleased with herself.

      It should be noted that the changes were made and length of hair stars. If earlier the head Borodina was adorned with thick, long curls, now she has a neat short haircut. New hairstyle Xenia gathers into a tight ponytail, so it is hard to understand what length her hair is, but, apparently, they to shoulders.

      In addition, subscribers stars noted that it was heavily shaped. Some even noted that they were already too noticeable. Of course, this leads had to make considerable efforts. Recall, even during pregnancy Borodin dreamed about how she would visit the gym and get back into perfect shape.

      “The only thing I’m worried is how I’m going to dump excess weight after the baby is born, – Xenia shared with the press. – Yes, I think about it now! In my head spinning and thought, how many times a week I will go to the gym. The main thing that at me is not attacked by laziness. Of course, I’ll care for the baby, I’ll be standing next to him, but to run. Because I took so long was to ensure that the reflection in the mirror with me, have achieved a good result, wrote this book and now are the example for those seeking to get in shape! Of course, I don’t want to get better, but it is inevitable for any woman during pregnancy”.

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