Том Харди рассказал, как защищается от атак хакеров

Hacker attacks on informational media, celebrities have ceased to be a rarity. Every half year there are some loud incidents, when hackers unveil hard-hitting right about the stars, their personal correspondence, photos, etc.

To rid yourself of a hacking invasion of privacy, decided Tom hardy. The actor has developed a unique way of dealing with cyber-criminals who illegally sneak into their personal online life.

According to the British, nothing better than a frequent change of phone is not yet invented. The star of the movie “Legend” confessed that he some times changes as the devices themselves (smartphones), and phone numbers. In addition, the actor does not enjoy such popular places of information storage like Apple’s iCloud, etc.

“We were constantly hacked. You need to throw away and burn your phone regularly and to start all over again. I constantly change phone numbers and the devices themselves”, — said hardy.


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